Graduates Prior to 2000

Ph.D. Graduates—PRIOR TO 2000


Andrew Isola
Advisor: Robert Hafner
Students' Mental Models of Electricity in Simple DC Circuits
Allegan Public Schools


Jennifer Discenna
Advisor: Larry Oppliger
A Study of the Knowledge Structure of Expert, Intermediate and Novice Subjects in the Domain of Physics

Janet Vail
Advisor: Joseph Engemann
An Analysis of Fecal Coliform Bacteria as a Water Quality Indicator


Kevin Block
Advisor: Robert Poel
The Clastogenic Effects of Cyclophosphamide and a Sixty Hertz Electromagnetic Field on Bone Marrow Cells of CD-1 Mice


Steven Brewer
Advisor: Robert Hafner
An Account of Expert Phylogenetic Tree Construction from the Problem-Solving Research Tradition in Science Education
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Charles Lohrke
Advisor: Robert Poel
The Use of Analogies in an Industrial Environment to Facilitate Status Changes for Radiation Science Concepts

Robert Sutton
Advisor: James Howell
The Separation of Aqueous Iron Species Found in Stepwise Complexation by Capillary Electrophoresis with Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Detection
Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Jiang Yu
Advisor: Robert Poel
College Physics Students' Conceptual Understanding of Area and Volume, and Relationships between these Concepts and Student's Understanding of Physics Concepts
Fitchburg State University


Michael Kasenow
Advisor: Robert Poel
Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of Government Marsh, North St. Joseph County, Michigan


Rozanna Abdul Razak
Advisor: Robert Poel
A Comparison of Science and Mathematics Achievements, Attitudes, Curricular Experiences, and Career Interests Resulting from Magnet and Traditional High School Programs


H. David Cole
Advisor: William Harrison
Highway Deicing Salts and the Mobilization of Selected heavy Metals from Stream Sediments


Rosario Canizles de Andrade
Advisor: George Mallinson
Comparisons of Learnings from Structured and Nonstructured Visits to a Science Exhibit


Fardin Olyaei
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
The Effects of Acid Precipitation on Two Lakes in Southwestern Michigan

Abbas Parsian
Advisor: D. A. Buthala
Comparison of Electron and Light Microscopy of Chromosome Aberrations Induced in Human Lymphocytes by Adriamycin and Mitomycin C

Virginia Passero
Advisor: George Mallinson
Parental Perceptions of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Discharge Teaching


Abubaker Swehli
Advisor: Joseph Engemann
A Study of the Environmental Aspects of Schistosomiasis in Libya


Elizabeth Garrett
Advisor: Lloyd Schmaltz
A Petrographic Analysis of Ceramics from Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, Arizona: Onsite or Specialized Manufacture?

William Williams
Advisor: Thomas Straw
Groundwater Flow Along the Total Shoreline of Austin Lake and Its Environmental Contribution to Pollution of the Lake


George Duba
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
Storm-Sewer Input of Heavy Metals into an Urban Lake Environment

Steven Habron
Advisor: Richard Brewer
The Relationship Between Adjacent Residential Development and Breeding Bird Populations

Kamlesh Sharma
Advisor: Gyula Ficsor
Standardization of the sister Chromatid Exchange Technique in Human Lymphocytes for Mutagen and Carcinogen Testing

Gary Wester
Advisor: George Mallinson
Goals and Objectives for Teaching Science in the Junior High Schools of Kalamazoo, Michigan


David DeGraaf
Advisor: George Mallinson
A Strategy for Inservice Education of Junior-High/Middle-School Science Teachers in the Grand Rapids Public School System

Victor John Gonzalez
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
A Limnological Investigation of a Tropical Fresh-Water Ecosystem: The Belize River, Belize, Central America

Julie Medlin
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
An Analysis of Gadmium and Lead Uptake in Hydrophonically Grown Seedlings


Edward Block
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
Spermatogenesis in Limnodrilus Hoffmeisteri (Clap): A Morphological and Environmental Study of the Development of Two Sperm Types


W. Randolph Frykberg
Advisor: Clarence Goodnight
Biota and Environment of the Muskegon, Michigan, Combined Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Storage Lagoons

J. Philip McLaren
Advisor: George Mallinson
A Study of Student Evaluations of Science Instructors in Small Liberal Arts Colleges

Roland Meade
Advisor: George Mallinson
A Study of the Use of the Computer as Problem-Solving Tool in an Introductory Course in College Physics


Hsi-Chiu Liu
Advisor: George Mallinson
Computer-Assisted Instruction in Teaching College Physics

Stephen Yekeson
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
A Study of the Selected Variables for Prediction of Success and Placement in General Chemistry at Western Michigan University


George Faber
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
The Preparation of Junior-High Science Teachers in the Public Schools of Southwestern Michigan

Garret VanderLugt
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Learn System for Computer-Assisted Instruction


Dorothy Hackett
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Integrated Basic Science Course at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

James Price
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Effects of a Study Determined Curriculum Versus a Traditionally Determined Curriculum on the Health Interests and Cognitive Development in Health of College Students

Theodore Shields
Advisor: Imy Holt
An Evaluation of Achievement by the Use of Behavioral Objectives in an Audio-Tutorial Biological Science Class


John Knapp II
Advisor: George Mallinson
The Effect of Annotating Articles on Biochemistry from Scientific American on Student Understanding

Ben Afton Smith
Advisor: George Mallinson
Modern Elementary Science Curricula and Student Achievement

Charles Townsend
Advisor: George Mallinson
Student Ratings of Secondary-School Science Teachers

Judson Vander Wal
Advisor: Imy Holt
The Relationship Between Two Methods of Teaching College Biology in Achievement and Attitude

Samuel Yoveff
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
Student Achievement in and Attitudes Toward Earth-Science Courses in Secondary Schools


Robert Poel
Advisor: George Mallinson
Critical Thinking as Related to PSSC and Non-PSSC Physics Programs


Thomas Van Koevering
Advisor: Paul Holkeboer
The Distinguishing Characteristics of High Schools with High and Low Enrollments in Physics