February 18, 2013



Summer registration is in progress. Priority registration ended Friday and today all students are eligible to register for Summer I and Summer II courses.

The Fall 2013 schedule will be available for viewing next Monday and registration for fall opens on Monday, March 11.  

Registration Overrides

If it is necessary to override a registration error when adding a student into a section on SFAREGS, please make sure you enter “YES” in the override field and not “ALL”.    SFAREGS will display error messages one at a time in a specific order.  If you override an error using “ALL”, the student will be registered into the section and the system will not alert to you to any additional registration errors that may exist.  Therefore, the “ALL” option could inadvertently override a time conflict, duplicate course or level restriction; causing problems for the student down the road.    

The only exception is the credit hour cap.  Students attempting to register for more than 24 hours in fall and Spring, or more than 12 hours in Summer I and Summer II, will receive a "maximum hours exceeded" error message.  The credit hour cap can only be increased if the student receives permission from the college advisor.  The “maximum hours exceeded” error does require the use of the “ALL” override.  This is the last error message to display, so you can be assured that no additional errors exist on the record.

 The New “Pink” Sheet

In an effort to reduce printed material, the Registrar's Office has implemented a new Section Schedule Change form (formerly known as the "pink sheet").   There are a few updates to be aware of:

  • the term "Pink Sheet" will be phased out
  • the form is now in an 8 1/2 X 11 format
  • it is an excel spreadsheet
  • it includes several drop down boxes so you can simply pick and choose your changes (no more writing in small boxes!)
  • it includes the MTE definition and a quick formula to determine the MTE

The Registrar's Office will continue to accept the forms via fax (7-4986); however, the preferred method is electronic.  The completed forms should be scanned and emailed as a PDF to         regi-roomscheduling@wmich.edu.   Please follow the college/department procedures for signatures; however, digitized signatures for the Dean and Chair are accepted by the Registrar's Office.  
If you saved a hard copy of the previous form, please destroy them.  We also ask that you no longer use forms that have been customized by your departments.   We are striving for consistency across campus and would prefer that everyone use only the new form.

The new form can be found online by choosing the link "Section schedule changes" at http://www.wmich.edu/registrar/faculty-staff/builders/index.html.

We hope the changes will prove to be positive and time saving. As always, we do encourage feedback, especially when changing a form that many of you have used for years. Please feel free to contact Laura Thomas at laura.thomas@wmich.edu with any input.

Changes in Security Contacts

With the retirement of Kathy Rix at the end of the month, her security duties have been distributed amongst other people.
For security access that would normally come to the Registrar’s office Marcy Ohs will be taking the lead on the day-to-day access requests, with Cheri Butler as a backup. However, Marcy works on a part-time basis, so any access requests need to be emailed to both Marcy (marcy.ohs@wmich.edu) and Cheri (cheri.butler@wmich.edu).

Please start using these emails effective immediately and remove Kathy from your security email lists.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, March 1-- Last day for 25% tuition refund for a complete withdraw
  • Friday, March 1—Spirit day
  • Monday, March 4—Spring break begins
  • Monday, March 11 – Midterm grading closes, end of day
  • Monday, March 11—Classes resume
  • Monday, March 18—Last day to withdraw from Spring courses
  • April 22-26—Final Exam week
  • Saturday, April 27—Commencement
  • Tuesday,  April 30--Spring grades due at noon

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