Grade Submission and Changes

First work and midterm grades

Instructions for printing or exporting your class list

  • First Work and Midterm grading is an important retention tool. Providing early feedback to students gives them a sense of how they are doing in your course and lets them know where they may need to make adjustments while they still have time to do so.
  • First Work and Midterm grades are monitored by advisors and they will reach out to students who are struggling academically.
  • First Work and Midterm grade sheet will open on the first day of the semester.
  • First Work grades are entered on the midterm grading worksheet, the midterm grade, entered later, will replace the first work grade on this worksheet.
  • As soon as an instructor enters midterm grades and hits the "submit" button, those grades will be available to students in GoWMU or on the WMU mobile app.
  • Midterm grades are not part of a student’s academic history at WMU. They will not appear on any WMU transcript, nor will they be part of a GPA at WMU.
  • Instructors should use the "X" grade for students who have never attended, or have stopped attending a course.
  • Those instructors choosing to submit midterm grades should let their students know when they submit the midterms, so that students will know to look for them.
  • If an instructor makes an error in submitting a grade, that grade can be changed online through the end of midterm grading period. No other paperwork is necessary.

Final grades

Instructions for submitting final grades via eLearning

  • Grades are due by noon on the Tuesday immediately following the end of each semester or session. The final grade worksheet becomes unavailable for grade submission at noon.  Students will not be able to see their grades online until the grade roll process is completed in the Registrar’s Office. This is done shortly after noon on the day grades are due and nightly thereafter.
  • Grades not submitted on time can cause problems for students with graduation, financial aid, as well as academic standing.
  • A list of instructors who do not meet the grade deadline will be sent to the Provost on Tuesday afternoon.
  • Instructors should not provide additional work to students after the semester has ended and after a final grade has been assigned.

What’s the difference in an "E" and an "X"?

Use a grade of "E" as a failing grade, use a grade of "X" when a student either never attended or ceased attending and is not eligible for an incomplete.

Both the "E" and the "X" grades count as a 0.0 in a student’s GPA.

Last date of attendance

When submitting final grades of "E" or "X" instructors will be required to enter the last date the student attended class or the last date of recorded academic activity.   Instructors will be prompted to enter a valid date that is between the start and end date of the semester.  In cases where the student does not come to even one class session or does not complete any work, the first day of the semester should be used.

Grading guidelines

GradeHonor PointsSignificance
A4.0outstanding, exceptional, extraordinary
B3.0very good, high pass
C2.0satisfactory, acceptable, adequate
X0.0failure (unofficial withdrawal)
I incomplete
CR credit
NC no credit
AU audit (noncredit enrollment)

What is an incomplete and when is it given?

An incomplete grade (I) is a temporary grade given for reasons beyond the control of the undergraduate student and should not be given as a substitute for a failing grade.

Please note:

  • Only the instructor who assigned the incomplete can remove it.
  • Students receiving an incomplete grade must not re-register for the class.

To assign an incomplete grade, choose the letter grade “I” on the final grade worksheet and submit. Report the incomplete using the “Report of Incomplete Work” form located on the faculty menu in GoWMU. This form documents the work that the student is to complete. A copy will go to the instructor, the student and the Registrar’s Office.

A student has one year from the time the incomplete is given to make up the work and have the grade of "I" replaced. The instructor can designate a shorter time than one year if desired.

Extensions beyond the one year deadline are granted in a situation where the instructor is convinced that the student should be given more time to complete the work. The instructor should email the Registrar’s office with an extension request.

Instructors receive notification from the Registrar’s Office about six weeks before all incompletes they have granted expire.

After one year, the incomplete grade will be converted to an "E" for undergraduate students and an "X" for graduate students.

Removal of an incomplete

An instructor that assigns a grade of "I" will submit a Report of Incomplete Form located on the faculty menu in GoWMU, indicating the remaining requirements for the removal of the incomplete grade and indicating the time allowed, if less than one full year. An email is automatically generated and sent to the student, the Registrar’s Office and the instructor.

Log in to GoWMU and choose the link, Remove Incomplete Grade/ Change Grade to access the form.

Grade changes

The Change of Grade process is completely electronic. It operates much the same as the Removal of Incomplete Grade process, except that the request is routed to the department chair for approval/denial. Once your department chair has completed processing the request, it goes to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Faculty who determine, outside of the student course grade appeal process, that an error was made in the assignment of a grade must submit a grade change within one calendar year of the original grade assignment and must provide a rationale for the change.

Here you can find complete instructions and detailed procedures. You will be required to use your Bronco NetID and password to view this PDF.