Data Access

As a user with privileges to a secure student information system, you have access to data pertaining to WMU faculty, staff, and students. As a user entrusted with access, you are to become familiar with and agree to abide by these policies.

All data viewed, modified, or retrieved via a University data system is ONLY for the use of University faculty and staff doing the work of the University. Any other use or disclosure of this information is strictly prohibited.

Requesting accessing

  1. Login to GoWMU
  2. Choose the Student Systems Security Access Center
  3. Choose the Request for Security Access Forms link
  4. Complete the form, secure the necessary signatures and forward the form to the appropriate security officer.

Security access policies

Confidential information policy

Governs the disclosure of confidential information held in any manner by employees of Western Michigan University. This policy is found in Section 9 of the Employee Handbook or the link above.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Federal law that governs and protects students' rights to their individual education records.

Social security number protection policy

Social security number field in SIS—also known as Banner—is masked. Only personnel who need access to this field as a function of their duties are granted access. The policy document is found in the Policy and Procedures Manual, Section 21 and explains responsibilities in detail.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

WMU is required by federal law to provide a Notice of Privacy Practices describing how health information that is maintained about you by the Western Michigan University Group Health Plan may be used or disclosed. This policy is found in Section 20 of the Policy and Procedure Manual or the link above.

Freedom of Information Act

Requests for data from outside WMU must go to the FOIA officer.

Identity Theft Prevention

All staff with access to identifying information must be familiar with and comply with these rules.

WMU policy on using mobile computing devices

This policy is necessary to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of Western Michigan University and university affiliates' information while stored, transmitted, or processed on mobile computing devices or personal digital assistant devices.