Program Codes – College of Health and Human Services

College of Health and Human Services code = H

BS HSOJ   Interdisciplinary Health Services: Occupational Therapy
BS HIHJ   Health Informatics and Information Management (created effective Fall 2012)
BS HSAJ   Interdisciplinary Health Services: Audiology (created effective Fall 2014)
BS HSVJ   Interdisciplinary Health Services
BS PBHJ   Public Health (created effective Fall 2017)
BS SPNJ   Speech Pathology and Audiology
BSN NURJ   Nursing
BSN RNNJ   Nursing: RN Progression Track
BSW SWKJ   Social Work
PDP PBHP   Pre-Interdisciplinary Health Programs
PDP PRIH   Pre-Interdisciplinary Health Services
PDP PRNG   Pre-Nursing
PDP PROT   Pre-Occupational Therapy
PDP PRPR   Pre-Pre-Nursing
PDP PRSA   Pre-Speech Pathology and Audiology
PDP PRSW   Pre-Social Work
AUD AUDD   Audiology
AUD AUDZ   Doctor of Audiology in Speech Pathology and Audiology (accelerated) (created effective Fall 2014)
DPT PTHD   Physical Therapy (created effective Fall 2018)
GCP AADC   Alcohol and Drug Abuse
GCP GETC   Gerontology Graduate Certificate (created effective Fall 2015)
GCP HHCC   Holistic Health Care (ended effective Fall 2012; see IHWC)
GCP IHEC   Holistic Approaches to Enhance Living (created effective Fall 2017)
GCP IHHC   Holistic Approaches to Spirituality and Healing (created effective Fall 2017)
GCP IHMC   Holistic Approaches to Mindfulness (created effective Fall 2017)
GCP IHSC   Holistic Approaches to Stress Management (created effective Fall 2017)
GCP IHWC   Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness (renamed from HHCC effective Fall 2012)
GCP LVRC   Low Vision Rehabilitation for the Occupational Therapist (created effective Fall 2016)
MA OMCM   Orientation and Mobility for Children
MA OMOM   Orientation and Mobility
MA RHTM   Rehabilitation Teaching
MA SPHM   Speech Pathology and Audiology
MS OCTM   Occupational Therapy
MPH MPHM   Master of Public Health (created effective Fall 2015)
MSM PASM   Physician Assistant
MSN NURM   Nursing
MSW SWIM   Social Work: Interpersonal Practice
MSW SWKM   Social Work
MSW SWPM   Social Work: Policy, Planning, and Administration
PHD IEVD   Evaluation
PHD ISCD   Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
    ADCN Addiction Studies (renamed effective Fall 2009)
    ASLN American Sign Language Studies (created effective Fall 2017)
    GRNN Gerontology
    HOLN Holistic Health Care (ended effective Fall 2012; see IHWN)
    IHWN Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness (renamed from HOLN effective Fall 2012)
    PCHN Peace Corps Health Preparatory
    SHPN Speech and Hearing Processes (ended effective 2017; see SLHN)
    SLHN Speech-Language-Hearing Processes (renamed from SHPN effective Fall 2017)
    SWKN Social Work
    SWCN Social Work: Guided Interdisciplinary (ended effective Fall 2015)