Academic Calendar

These calendars include all important dates for each semester, including registration dates, refund dates, withdrawal dates, finals, midterm grading, final grading, etc.

All calendars are PDFs.

Western Michigan University operates on a split trimester calendar. Fall and Spring semesters are each fifteen (15) weeks. Summer I and Summer II sessions are each seven and one-half (7 1/2) weeks.

Adding classes late

Approval to add a course after the drop/add period must be obtained from the instructor. A $100 late fee will be assessed per course if at least one course has not been registered prior to the end of the drop/add period. <back>


During open registration students may drop one or more courses for 100% refund and the record of the class will not show on their transcript. Beginning the day after registration closes, students may no longer drop a course. Students now must "withdraw" to officially stop taking a course.

Partial withdrawal

A partial withdrawal means withdrawing from one or more courses but NOT the entire schedule. A "W" appears on the transcript for each course withdrawn. A "W" does not affect grade point average. <back>

Complete withdrawal

A complete withdraw is withdrawing from all courses for the rest of the term. A "W" appears on the transcript for each course withdrawn. A "W" does not affect grade point average. <back>


If a class does not meet for the first time until after the last day to register then the student has a 24-hour grace period to drop the course for a full 100% refund. After that, a student must withdraw to officially stop taking the course. <back>


Depending on the dates, students may receive a partial refund of tuition, however, even if they haven't paid anything they are still financially responsible for their tuition. <back>

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