Academic Advising for undergraduate students

Academic Advising


Student responsibility in advising

  1. Schedule and attend advising appointments once per semester as a first year student (either freshman or transfer)

  2. Schedule and attend advising appointments once per year as an established student (after your freshman or first year as a transfer student)

  3. Bring a list of questions and relevant materials to appointments. Ask questions if you do not understand a topic we discuss at our advising meeting

  4. Become involved in the advising process by being prepared to discuss your goals and plans during our advising sessions

  5. Become familiar with the material on my advising homepage:

  6. Review your major/minor requirements each semester and track your progress toward completing your graduation requirements

  7. Accept responsibility and accountability for your successes and failures

  8. Be open and willing to consider advice from faculty, advisers and other mentors

  9. Execute an academic plan directed toward completing your degree at Western Michigan University

  10. Commit to and participate in the Western Edge

  11. Read your WMU email regularly

  12. Become knowledgeable of University polices, offices, and resources which support student success at Western Michigan University

  13. Check your college advising website at least once a semester for updates and new information

  14. Become a regular patron of Career and Student Employment Services.  Participate in career path development, resume writing workshops, etiquette dinners, career fairs, practice interviews, and job search services

  15. Take primary and increasing responsibility for making your own academic and career decisions based on available information and advice

  16. Communicate clearly problems or concerns you are having with professors and other WMU professionals.  If you are unsure who to contact, I will help you determine the correct contact and refer you when I can.

  17. Enjoy your college experience at Western Michigan University!