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This following guide shows psychology course offerings. These can vary in any given year due to staffing and student demand.


X = Course is typically offered this semester or session
S = Course is sometimes offered this semester or session
E = Course is offered in even years (2012, 2014, etc.) during this semester or session
O = Course is offered in odd years (2013, 2015, etc.) during this semester or session

Undergraduate courses          
# Title Fall Spring Sum I Sum II
1000 General Psychology X X  
1000H General Psychology Honors X X    
1100H Operant Conditioning Laboratory X X
1600 Child Psychology X X S S
2500 Abnormal Psychology X X X S
3000 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences X X    
3240 Abnormal Child Psychology  X X    
3260 Forensic Psychology X X
3300 Behavioral Research Methods X X S S
3440 Organizational Psychology X X  
3550 Teaching Apprenticeship in Psychology X X X X
3561 Early Childhood Developmental Delays: Preliminary Practicum
3570 Early Childhood Developmental Delays X X X  
3600 Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis X X  
3621 Self-Management X X
3720 Physiological Psychology S X    
3780 Laboratory in Physiological Psychology      
3844 Professional Career Development X    
3960 Topical Studies in Psychology   S    
3970 Arranged Practicum in Psychology X X X X
3980 Independent Study X X X X
4010 Graduate School Preparation X X
4240 Psychology of Human Sexuality   X   X
4260 Introduction to Human Drug Use and Abuse   S S  
4280 Psychology of Aging S      
4440 Industrial/Organizational Behavior Analysis X X    
4600 Survey of Behavior Analysis Research X X    
4611 Behavior Systems Analysis Project
4630 Health Psychology    S  
4700 Applied Behavior Analysis in Developmental Disabilities    
4990 Honors Project in Psychology X X X X
5100 Advanced General Psychology X X    
5170 Psychology in the Schools X S S S
5240 Human Sexuality X X    
5260 Human Drug Use and Abuse X   S  
5400 Psychology of Safety X      
5470 Practicum: Organizational Performance Management X      
5490 Instructional Design      
5610 Introduction to Clinical Psychology   X    
5740 Cross Cultural Psychology  X      
5950 History of Psychology  S    
5970 Advanced Topical Studies        
5980 Special Projects in Psychology X X X X
5990 Practicum in Psychology X X X X
Graduate courses          
# Title Fall Spring Sum I Sum II
6050 Professional and Research Ethics X      
6080 Research Methods ABA X X    
6090 Advanced Seminar in Applied ABA Research   E    
6100x Conditioning and Learning X      
6110x Current Research in Experimental Analysis   O S  
6120 Advanced Physiologic Psychology X      
6130 Behavioral Pharmacology S S S  
6170 Applied Behavior Analysis in Education S S    
6200 Analysis of Abnormal Behavior X      
6210 Developmental Psychopathology        
6340 Experimental Design and Analysis I X S S  
6350 Correlation and Regression Analysis   X    
6360 Experimental Design and Analysis II X      
6370 The Design and Analysis of Quasi-experiments and Observational Studies   E    
6430 Personnel Selection and Placement   E    
6440 Personnel Training and Development   O S  
6450 Psychology of Work X      
6510 ABA: A Systems Approach X      
6520 Systems Analysis Practicum   O    
6570 Autism: Etiology, Assessment, and Behavioral Treatment        
6580 Cognitive Processes X      
6590 Treatment of Anxiety Disorders        
6610 Psychotherapy:Theory and Methods X      
6630 Marital Therapy S      
6640 Behavior Therapy   X    
6650 Behavioral Approaches to Treatment X   S  
6660 Family Therapy S      
6680 Analysis and Treatment of Developmental Disabilities   X    
6690 Child Behavior Therapy   X    
6710 Higher-Order Processes and Their Behavioral Applications      
6740 Verbal Behavior   X    
6760 Skinner's Behaviorism X      
6810 Assessment I S S   S
6830 Assessment II        
6880 Advanced Behavioral Assessment   X    
6900 Behavioral Approaches to Training and Education X      
6910 College Teaching Practicum X X    
6970 ABA Master's Project  X  X
  Grant Writing  S    
6980 Clinical Practicum in Psychology 1 X X    
6990 Clinical Practicum in Psychology 2 X X    
7000 Master's Thesis X X X X
7100 Independent Research X X X X
7120 Professional Field Experience X X X X
7200 Specialist Project X X X X
7250 Doctoral Research Seminar X X X X
7300 Doctoral Dissertation X X X X
7310 Doctoral Internship in ABA X X X X
7320 Doctoral Clinic Internship X X X X
7350 Graduate Research X X X X

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