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PSSO mission statement

The Professional Support Staff Organization is committed to promoting and fostering professional development, recognition and advancement of its members.

Who and what is PSSO?

The Professional Support Staff Organization is pleased that you decided to work in an institution of higher education such as Western Michigan University. With their diverse skills, talents and personality, WMU's hard-working and dedicated support staff members make a valued contribution to the University community. The clerical and technical staff of WMU is a committed group of employees who are called upon to represent Western Michigan University on the front line. Often, a clerical or technical employee is the only contact a potential student or parent may have with the University prior to making a decision to matriculate at WMU.

The Professional Support Staff Organization is a non-bargaining group made up of clerical and technical employees who volunteer their time and energy to support the concerns and endeavors of all clerical and technical personnel at Western Michigan University. Our members represent Western's clerical and technical employees at many events, such as the Health Symposium, administration meetings, and other organizational meetings. As a group, we support, encourage and convey any and all concerns you may have to the University administration to seek solutions and answers.

PSSO meetings

  • General meetings: Four times per year.
  • Executive Board meetings: Each month.
  • Administration-Executive Board meetings: Bi-monthly.

Membership in PSSO will allow you to make a greater impact on campus. Membership is very important for many reasons. First, a strong united group has a substantial effect on management decisions concerning wages and health and retirement benefits. Next are the many benefits the organization provides to its members, including scholarships, cost breaks at employee luncheons, support for employee concerns, and meeting minutes, among others. But, the best reason for you to become a member is to access the avenue provided for networking with other WMU employees.

Take a moment to consider what your role at WMU will be. You are encouraged to join the organization and be active in the growth of our campus community.

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Also, feel free to read our Constitution and Bylaws.