Weekly Schedule Highlights

Aug. 31-Sept. 6

Monday, Aug. 31

  • Meet with Senior Leadership Team.
  • Welcome international students.
  • Attend academic affairs retreat luncheon.
  • Meet with WMU Foundation directors.

Tuesday, Sept. 1

  • Open new weight room at Student Recreation Center.
  • Do interview with Western Herald reporter.
  • Attend Friends of WMU event.

Wednesday, Sept. 2

  • Travel to Grand Rapids to sign agreement with Grand Rapids Community College.
  • Attend Football Kickoff Luncheon.
  • Meet with members of the Faculty Senate International Education Council.

Thursday, Sept. 3

  • Welcome and make remarks at new student matriculation ceremony.

Friday, Sept. 4

  • Do WKZO interview.
  • Tape Lori Moore Show for afternoon viewing.
  • Attend pre-game activities for WMU vs. Michigan State football game.
  • Attend football game.