Department of Political Science Graduate Funding

Graduate assistantships

The Department of Political Science at Western Michigan University supports a number of its graduate students each year through teaching or research assistantships. Advanced students may be able to teach their own courses.

For new students: If you are applying simultaneously for admission to a graduate program in political science (MA, MIDA or PhD), the letters of reference, CV and statement you submit through the online application system will be used in consideration of funding if admitted. NOTE: during the admissions application process, make sure you check the assistantship box under "Additional Student Information."

For current students: If you are applying for continuation of funding, you must provide a current CV with this application. In addition, attach a statement of 250 words briefly outlining your plans for future advanced training and indicating the direction you're planning as you proceed through graduate school and beyond.

This application and accompanying materials are due February 1 for assistantships to be granted for the following academic year. Awards will be announced no later than mid-March. There is only one application deadline per year, and funding support starts with the fall semester. Application for admission to the graduate program must be completed by February 1 for the assistantship application to be considered.

NOTE: Students must reapply for funding each year of eligibility. Determine that you meet the eligibility requirement for funding by reviewing criteria at

Admission to the graduate program must be completed by Feb. 1 for the assistantship application to be considered.

Other sources of financial support

Financial aid from the Graduate College

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships