Annual Meeting

WMU's Engineering and Applied Sciences Building.

The Paper Technology Foundation 2018 fall annual banquet date will be October 16, 2018. Our efforts would be greatly supported with your presence.

We hope you can join us.

Western Michigan University students

We are delighted to offer the Paper Technology Foundation student mentoring program in conjunction with the Paper Technology Foundation Board of Trustees meetings. The mentoring program is designed to strengthen student-member bonds and communication throughout the school year. Student career advice and questions would be provided and answered by board members. There will be designated opportunities at both the fall and spring meetings to interact with the students participating in this valuable program.

All questions about the 59th annual Paper Technology Foundation meeting should be directed to:

John F. Bergin, Managing Director
Phone: (269) 276-3856

Jennifer Johnson, Senior Administrative Assistant 
Phone: (269) 276-3964

Mailing address

Paper Technology Foundation Inc.
Western Michigan University
4651 Campus Dr
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5438 USA

Fax: (269) 276-3535