OT 6330: Administration in OT

Course description

This course introduces the student to the health care delivery system from an administrative and management perspective. This course utilizes the basic skills of administration (planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling) in the development of a model of practice for occupational therapy services. These services will be developed for an agency or institution that does not currently offer OT services, or for an agency or institution whose services need to be expanded. 

Relationship to curriculum design

This course is run in seminar fashion and students will be discovering, applying, reflecting and integrating information/experiences related to the concepts of the administrative/management functions in the practice of occupational therapy. Guest presenters, readings, and class discussions will provide students the opportunity to expand their knowledge base of class concepts (discover). Assignments related to the readings, and self-assessments of performance in written and oral assignments will promote the reflection process.  In-class experiential opportunities and written/oral assignments will allow students the opportunity to apply the concepts learned. The final program proposal paper will require that students Apply and integrate concepts learned in order to produce a high-quality written and oral program proposal. Curriculum competencies that will be emphasized in evaluation of student performance include: communication (he competent occupational therapy graduate demonstrates effective verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills in a wide range of practice related activities including client care, client education, consultation, marketing, and collaboration with interdisciplinary team members and supervisors), and management (the competent occupational therapy graduate is able to apply the principles of management and systems in the provision of occupational therapy services to individuals, groups and organizations).