Welcome To Online Education

Thank you for enrolling in an online education course. Your Elearning course will be accessible the first day of class at 8 a.m.

To Access Your Elearning Course

  1. Visit GoWMU.wmich.edu and login with your Bronco NetID and password.
    picture of a group of buttons with the E-Learning button highlighted
  2. Click on the Elearning icon (top right)
  3. This will take you to the ‘My e-learning’ page. Under Course List, click on your course subject.

Tips to a Successful Online Course Experience

For more information about course requirements and media

  • View course offerings
  • Select Term
  • Once you have selected the term you may filter your results by selecting additional criteria from the drop-down menus: Campus, Instructional Method, Subject, Course # or Instructor.
  • Once you have found your course click the title (ADA 2250-Drug Use: Per/Soc Impact) to review required textbook, course pack and any additional course information.
  • Your course may have streamed audio and video requiring a high speed internet connection to watch online. Please make sure you meet this requirement before registering for the course, see below.

System requirements

  • WMU online courses require access to broadband Internet access of at lmbs.
  • Before you get started using Elearning, take a few minutes to complete the WMU browser check test to make sure your computer is equipped with all the necessary software for the online learning environment.
  • There is an online orientation course to introduce you to the system. If you do not see the "Elearning Student Orientation Course" in your My Courses area, you can click the "Self-Registration" link at the top of the page and add the course to your available courses.
  • If you require additional support please call our office at (269) 387-4357 or email at helpdesk@wmich.edu.

Streaming videos

How to find a proctor and request an exam

Some online courses may require that you have your exams proctored. A proctor is a person appointed to supervise or monitor a student while taking an examination. You should determine if your course requires this by reading the syllabus located within your course.

  • If you will be coming to our office please feel free to contact us or call (269) 387-4200 for more information.