Events and opportunities

  • Three smiling students wearing Charlie Mike t-shirts, WMU's first Universitywide "unit" t-shirt for military students

Continue the mission at WMU

"Continue the Mission" t-shirts

WMU's first Universitywide "unit" t-shirt for military students. The proceeds from this shirt go to support our military scholarship and a portion from the sales will go to Silver Star Apartments in Battle Creek who provide low to no cost housing for homeless veterans. Shirt costs $10 and are available from XS to XXL. Come to 1255 Ellsworth Hall or email

How to give back

 Become a sustaining member of the Western Warrior scholarship

Make a permanent impact on a military student's life:

Donate now

Help WMU earn $500 for the military student lounge

Need a little spending money for the holidays? OMVA is sponsoring a raffle for all individuals who completes the Veterans on Campus faculty and staff training. Everyone who completes the training by the end of November 2017 will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $100 prepaid Visa gift card. If you have already completed the training, you are already entered. Help us reach our goal of 216 completions and the Consortium of Michigan Veterans Educators (CMVE) will award a $500 challenge grant to be used to make improvements to the military student lounge. 

Completing the module is quick and easy. To login and use Kognito, click on the banner below, create an account and use the enrollment key "michiganvets" for access to the Veterans on Campus modules.

A hyperlink that takes users to the Kognito Veterans on Campus training modules

Note: Make sure your browser allows popups from the Kognito site before you hit the launch button.