2017 Distinguished Department of Mathematics Alumni Visit

October 13

John Kusku, 2017 Distinguished Department of Mathematics Alumni

Title: Road to Rio, a tale of teaching, athletics, and disability

Abstract: A 2016 Paralympic silver medalist, John Kusku will share the story of his life as a Paralympic athlete and a teacher of mathematics. In addition to discussing the Olympics and Paralympics and his sport, goalball, Kusku will also examine the everyday challenges and affordances of having a visual impairment as an athlete, teacher, father, musician, and student. Specifically, he will address teaching mathematics as a person who is blind, concentrating on topics including career-focused education, accessible technology, and teaching children who are blind. Kusku is grateful to be returning to his Alma Mater to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Mathematics. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 2007 and 2009 with his Bachelor's and Master's degrees, respectively, and often thinks fondly on his time spent in Everett and Rood.