Teaching Inclusivity


This two-day seminar will provide instructors with explicit strategies for teaching and promoting inclusivity in classrooms and academic departments. Topics will cover addressing microaggresions; fostering allyship; and building alliances with faculty, instructors, and students from underrepresented minority and historically oppressed groups. 

 Day One, Creating Safe Spaces for Diverse Learners in the Classroom, will focus on pedagogical strategies that support students from various backgrounds. Workshops will be offered for faculty teaching in a variety of fields fields across the liberal arts (e.g. STEM, humanities, social sciences, arts, etc.).

 Day Two, Safe Spaces and Support for Faculty and Instructors, will focus on how to respond to microaggressions and how to build allyship across the University. Participants will share experiences and advice on navigating the academy with respect to inclusivity. 

2018 Teaching Inclusivity program schedule

Date, Time, Location

Date: Tuesday, June 12, and Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Location: Fetzer Center


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2017 Seminar for Teaching Inclusivity Resources



The following comments from participants were retrieved from the 2017 evaluations. 

What was the single most helpful idea or insight you got from today's session?

  • "The student panel was amazing!"
  • "That there are others also passionate about inclusion."
  • "Learning and hearing about the terminology of stereotyping threat."
  • "Micro-aggression terminology defined and discussed."
  • "A diverse array of ideas on how to make WMU better."
  • "Understanding more about micro-aggression."
  • "Connecting with other like-minded instructors."
  • "I most enjoyed the student panel, very thought provoking."
  • "That as teachers we have to build our students "trust" in us as culturally competent, and that students that need support may not seek it/speak up."
  • "Increased sensitivity to "disability" pedagogy."

What do you plan to do differently in your professional life based on what you learned today?

"Re-write syllabus to reflect the ideas presented today. Excited to go home and rework some of it!"

"Try to more directly address how students need to treat each other and what they need to successfully work with others in the future."

"Look at syllabi more critically."

"Thinking about diversity as bigger than color/race."

"I will continue to engage with others in my work, social life around discussion on race and culture. Also, I will continue to read materials that address inclusivity."

"I plan to be more aware of my own implicit biases."

"More intentional course design, and create the classroom culture from the start."

"Be more sensitive to student's needs and experiences."

"Focus more on creating a culture of inclusion openly within the classroom, resources/syllabus, making myself more available."

"Make a conscious effort to accommodate students' learning styles."

"Preferred pronouns - try to find them out."

"Listen and seek to understand."

General Comments

"Let's keep doing this kind of seminar! They are very much needed!"

"Great job! -insights/information was greatly appreciated."

"Loved the panel of students."

"Panel of students was great."

"Very good opportunity to learn what is available here at WMU."

"I thought that real care had been taken to ask presenters who were knowledgeable and engaged. This is very much appreciated."