Research by Students

Graduate students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration work in a variety of research topics from public administration and policy. A list of recent M.P.A. capstone project paper and Ph.D. dissertation titles is provided below. Other research produced by students individually as well as in collaboration with other students and faculty is not listed here.

Recent and archived doctoral dissertation topics

Emma A. Powell, Ph.D. - "A corporate model: Aligning nonprofit expectations with regional/local efforts to serve the mission" (Spring 2017)

Russell T. Panico, Jr., Ph.D. - "An analysis of campus violence threat assessment policy implementation at Michigan community colleges" (December 2016)

Kristin L. Poleski, Ph.D. - "To promote or not to promote: An inquiry into the experience of female police officers and their decisions to pursue promotion" (June 2016)

Beth M. Beaudin-Seiler, Ph.D. - "National quality awards in healthcare and actual quality in U.S. hospitals." (May 2015)

Archived Doctoral dissertation topics

Recent M.P.A. project paper titles (spring 2017, summer 2017, fall 2017)

Fall 2017

Fiedorowicz, Michael J. - "Small cultural nonprofit organizations and board oversight."

Lawrence, Tyler K. - "The past, present, and future renewable energy in the U.S.: Perspectives based on historical analysis methodology."

Meissner, Brandon G. - "Department reorganization and the potential impact on the well-being of library employees at Western Michigan University."

Nix, Alexandria S. - "Nonprofits and social media engagement: A new resource platform."

Snyder, Haley N. - "Coping strategies in 9-1-1 centers."

Welch, Marla A. - "The relationship between adolescent sexual risk behavior and county chlamydia rates in the state of Michigan."

Wood, Kathryn S. - "Energy assistance services at the Salvation Army: A summative evaluation report."

Summer 2017

Anderson, Seth - "Social impact bonds for spinal manipulation as a primary intervention for chronic low back pain: A feasibility study."

Chapman, Sean- "Low Income Housing Tax Credits and the Impact on Adjacent Property Values in Ingham Co."

Cyzman, Ryan- "Michigan and Missouri rural hospital closures: Policy impact of the ACA and house-passed AHCA."

Dix, Marcy - "Best practices for Brownfield redevelopment in small-to-medium Michigan cities."

Grabemeyer, Andrea - "Sector Based Initiatives in Illinois under WIA and under WIOA."

Hefty, Nicholas - "Pride program evaluation: Congruence of implementation with recommended best practice and program operating modality."

Hillman, Jeffrey A. - "Food Sovereignty: A grassroots effort for food independence."

Smith, Annette - "Managing the matrix organization structure in the healthcare industry: A contemplative treatise"

Smith, James - "The nature of healthcare and the government's role in its management and delivery: A contemplative treatise."

Wyzgoski, Scott - " No exit leadership: Managing for nonprofit supports coordinator job satisfaction."

Zahir, Ahmad Faisal - "Using human resources management to address the challenges of administrative reform in the Afghanistan public sector."

Spring 2017

DeFrain, Elisha - “Evaluation of nonmotarized spending by local agencies and transportation equity in Michigan communities.”

Fassett, Stacey - “Referral process and known barriers for assistant payment workers in referring WIC eligible clients to local WIC agencies.”

Krombeen, Michael - “An evaluation of a non-emergency medical transportation pilot in Midland, Gladwin, and Clare counties.”

Lenkhart, Kevin - “Efficiencies through consolidation: The Owosso and Corunna police departments.”

Nelson, Arica - “Impact of sex trafficking on its victims.”

Pagudala, Sai Tejasvi - “What could be the better treatment method for depression: Medical treatment or self treatment.”

Saxton, Bridget - “Cost-utility of long-term care in the state of Michigan from 1980-2010.” (Awarded Best Project Paper)

Welsh, Tiffany - “Prevalence of lead in public water supplies: Is it a concern in all Michigan local communities. A comparative analysis.”

Welton, Robert - “Data Driven Decision Making: Utilizing Alumni Perspectives in Strategic Management.”