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Larry E. Syndergaard, professor emeritus of English, April 15, 2015.
George William Hobbs, former golf and wrestling coach, March 12, 2015.
Steve Zegree, professor of music, mentor to Gold Company vocal jazz group, March 7, 2015.
Shirley C. Woodworth, associate professor emerita of communication, February 26, 2015.
Carl E Lee, namesake of WMU's Lee Honors College, February 22, 2015.
H. Nicholas Hamner, professor emeritus of history, February 15, 2015.
Marjory Spradling, assistant professor emerita of biological sciences, February 12, 2015.
Richard E. Munsterman, professor emeritus of industrial and manufacturing engineering, February 4, 2015.
Joel Kendrick, Pilot Plants manager, January 19, 2015.
Ellen Page-Robin, professor emerita of community health services, January 3, 2015.
Judith Peppel, retired office assistant in the Department of Sociology, December 30, 2014.
Peggy Arlene Seals, former residence hall employee, December 20, 2014.
Russell J. Grandstaff, professor emeritus of theatre, December 20, 2014.
Charles F. Woodward, assistant professor emeritus of industrial and manufacturing engineering, December 12, 2014.
Marjorie E. (Long) Clum, former staff member, December 11, 2014.
Frank Robinson, former head of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, December 1, 2014.
Thomas C. Hardie II, associate professor emeritus of music, November 15, 2014.
Albert E. Castel III, professor emeritus of history, November 14, 2014.
Jean E. Lowrie, professor emerita of librarianship, November 9, 2014.
Robert L. Blefko, professor of mathematics and department chair, November 1, 2014.
George L. Wilson, Facilities Management electrical engineering manager, October 22, 2014.
Curtis Curtis-Smith, music professor, internationally known composer, October 10, 2014.
Caryl P. Freeman, associate professor emeritus of business information systems, September 30, 2014.
Gerald L. Sievers, professor emeritus of mathematics and statistics, September 25, 2014., September 25, 2014.
Carolyn J. Harris, professor and undergraduate advisor in the Department of Spanish, September 20, 2014., September 20, 2014.
William M. Cremin, professor emeritus of anthropology, September 10, 2014.
Shirley Van Hoeven, professor emerita of communication, September 8, 2014.
J. Michael Keenan, professor emeritus of management, July 28, 2014.
Helen J. Healy, associate professor emerita of University Libraries, July 26, 2014.
Mary Anne Bunda, professor emerita of educational studies, July 17, 2014.
William J. Kowalski, retired assistant vice president for facilities engineering, June 18, 2014.
Erwin W. Rayford, retired professor of industrial technology and education, June 18, 2014.
William H. 'Bill' Kanzler, professor emeritus of education and professional development, May 11, 2014.
Claude S. Phillips Jr., professor emeritus of political science and co-founder of Haenicke Institute for Global Education, April 17, 2014.
Harvey Overton, former professor of humanities, April 16, 2014.
William 'Bill' Doolittle, former Bronco head football coach, April 10, 2014.
Wayne C. Mann, director emeritus of university archives and regional history collections, March 19, 2014.
Archie E. Watson, assistant professor emeritus of education and professional development, February 25, 2014.
Greg. D. Roehrick, professor of theatre, February 25, 2014.
Walden A. Baskerville, associate professor emeritus of counseling, February 11, 2014.
Joseph T. Work, professor emeritus of music, February 7, 2014.
Richard R. Williams, associate professor of health and human services and founder of WMU's holistic health program, February 5, 2014.
Alfred K. Ho, professor emeritus of economics, January 26, 2014.
Anthony Ellis, associate professor of English, January 7, 2014.
Lonnie E. Duncan, associate professor of counselor education and counseling psychology, December 31, 2013.
Beverly R. 'Penny' David, professor emerita of theatre, November 19, 2013.
James A. Howell, professor emeritus of chemistry, November 16, 2013.
John E. Martell Jr., retired assistant dean of the Lee Honors College, November 12, 2013.
Joan B. Rickard, former administrative secretary in the Office of Public Information, now the Office of University Relations, November 8, 2013.
George O. Egland, associate professor emeritus of speech pathology, October 3, 2013.