Nominations sought for Global Engagement Award

contact: Jeanne Baron
| WMU News

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Nominations for the Global Engagement Award are due Sunday, Dec. 4.

This Western Michigan University award recognizes contributions to:

  • Communities and stakeholders locally or abroad.
  • The global engagement of WMU and its students and faculty and staff members.
  • Enhancement of knowledge and understanding of global affairs.

The contributions may be in the realm of teaching and other instructional activities, research and creative activities, service, and outreach. They should reflect an accumulated record of global engagement, not one or two activities. A substantial portion of that achievement should have taken place while in service at WMU.

eligibility criteria

To be eligible, nominees must have at least five years of service at the University and be a current, continuing full‐time faculty member or administrative staff member. An individual may only receive the award once.

Up to two Global Engagement Awards are made each year during the spring semester. Whenever two awards are made in a given year, one of them is presented to a staff member and the other to a faculty member or academic administrator who has faculty rank.

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