WMU lacrosse team goes viral with rock, paper, scissors video

contact: Mark Schwerin
| WMU News
Photo of WMU's lacrosse team.

WMU's lacrosse team

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—How do you settle a lacrosse game canceled by lightning?

Rock, paper scissors, of course.

A video of the Western Michigan University lacrosse team settling its canceled match with the University of Dayton has gone viral, with some 423,000 views. The WMU contingent took the best two out of three using the old children's game to decide the winner.

WMU settled its first two matches over the weekend in a more conventional manner, beating Purdue University, but then dropping the next contest with the University of Notre Dame.

The rock, paper scissors video has generated nationwide media interest, with the University receiving calls from ESPN and other sports news organizations.

To watch the video, visit instagram.com/p/BLET9cHBxD2.