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KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Nominations for the fall round of Western Michigan University's semiannual Make a Difference awards are due Saturday, Oct. 31.

Make a Difference is a campuswide peer-to-peer program that recognizes staff members for their accomplishments and daily investment of energy and creativity. It features semiannual and annual awards presented to non-faculty employees who provide exceptional service to the University.

Every fall and spring, semiannual awards are presented to a maximum of 15 people. Those selected for the accolade receive a before-tax $300 prize and a certificate, are recognized at a special reception, and may be nominated for one of four annual Make a Difference awards that carry a before-tax $1,200 prize.

The annual award goes to each year's most outstanding semiannual award winners—the best of the best.

Employees may win the award more than once, but are limited to one award every five academic years. This guideline applies to both semiannual and annual award winners. 

Eligible employee groups

Nominations for Make a Difference awards are accepted for individuals who are eligible for membership in the following five employee groups:

  • Administrative Professional Association (nonbargaining group for some Staff Compensation System employees).
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.
  • Michigan State Employees Association.
  • Police Officers Association.
  • Professional Support Staff Organization (nonbargaining group for some Staff Compensation System employees).

For more information, including nomination instructions and forms, visit The website also lists previous award winners.

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