Recent Webmail Plus upgrade introduces new email features

contact: Nancy Kroes
| WMU News

Upgrades to the Webmail Plus email system include a delayed delivery option.

KALAMAZOO— Webmail Plus, Western Michigan University's email system, was recently updated. The update fixed performance problems users had been experiencing, and also added several new features.

System improvements

  • Advanced searches—Users can now right-click on Sent, From, Sent to, Recipient or Contact fields to perform advanced searches.
  • Auto-searching for addresses in the compose window now displays an in-process icon.
  • Calendar appointment pages are tabbed, allowing for multiple open tabs at one time.
  • Calendar and tasks now have separate trash folders. Note: all trash folders still empty simultaneously when selecting Empty Trash.
  • Calendar events can be copied, pasted and saved as drafts.
  • The calendar scheduling wizard has been simplified.
  • The left pane now includes a Find Shares option. This is especially useful for locating shares granted but never accepted.

New features

Briefcase document control

Documents and Briefcase features are now combined under Briefcase. Briefcase document control allows users to track document revisions in a collaborative environment.

Delayed delivery

After composing a message, clicking the Send button now displays a drop-down menu allowing users to select Send Later and specify a time and date in the future to send the message. The message will be stored in the Drafts folder until the time specified, when it will be sent and a copy placed in the user's Sent folder.


A message retention area external to each account, and not counting towards an account's quota, will now provide users a second chance to recover documents that have been deleted from trash. All items manually, or automatically deleted from trash will move to an external dumpster for an additional 30 days. The dumpster is accessed by right-clicking the Trash folder and selecting Recover Deleted Items. Users may highlight selected files to return to their accounts by specifying which folders to restore them to. Contents of the Recover Deleted Items selection window are in chronological order by when originally received and cannot be sorted any other way.

Filter outgoing messages

Filters may now be applied to outgoing mail. To do so, select the Outgoing Message Filters tab in the Filters window under the Preferences tab.

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