Agreement reached for WMU to provide services to medical school

contact: Cheryl Roland
| WMU News

KALAMAZOO—Acting at its July 25 meeting, Western Michigan University trustees approved a services and resources agreement between the University and the Western Michigan University School of Medicine.

The agreement spells out the terms under which the University may provide administrative, operational and other services in support of the medical school as well as how WMU will be compensated for those resources and services. Such services will include management and leadership services in connection with the formation and operation of the school, accounting services, funds management services, debt management, financial and legal services, assistance in the area of research grants and contracts, and a range of other functions that can include commercialization efforts, public relations and assistance with external business services.

The written agreement will continue for one year and be automatically renewed annually for one-year periods as long as both organizations agree to continue the relationship. The agreement describes how the medical school will pay a fee for services as well as reimburse the University for the salary and benefits of employees who perform such services. The medical school is a private nonprofit corporation developed collaboratively by WMU along with two Kalamazoo-area hospitals—Borgess Health and Bronson Healthcare.