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2016 New Issues Poetry Prize

Courtney Kampa has won the 2016 New Issues Poetry Prize for her manuscript Our Lady of Not Asking Why. Mary Szybist judged.

Kampa wins a $2,000 award and publication of her manuscript in the spring of 2017.

Sawnie Morris

In One Version of the Story by Chuck Carlise was also selected for publication in 2016.

2016 Green Rose Prize

Nadine Meyer has won the 2016 Green Rose Prize for her manuscript Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum.

Meyer wins a $2,000 award and publication of her manuscript in the spring of 2017.

Bruce Cohen

Two additional Green Rose manuscripts, A Passion According to Green by Mark Irwin and Small Gods by Matthew Minicucci will also be published in 2017.

Poetry Contest Deadlines:

The 2017 Green Rose Prize
Postmark September 30, 2016

The 2017 New Issues Poetry Prize for a first book of poetry.

Judge: TBD
Postmark November 30, 2016

Submission Guidelines


AWP Award Series

History's ChildHistory's Child
by Charles M. Boyer
Winner of the AWP Award for the Novel
January 2016

History’s Child tells the closely focused tale of Tadek Gradinski –a survivor of the harrowing history of our troubled time.  Born in a Polish village on September 24, 1931, Tadek endures horror after horror and loss after loss, yet his story blossoms into an act of affirmation; neither prison nor privation, the Gulag or grief and betrayal can break his hopeful heart.
Charles Boyer has, and his aptly titled debut novel is, a gift.” —Nicholas Delbanco, The Years


Introducing New Poets

Little AriasHer, Infinite
by Sawnie Morris
March 2016
Winner, 2015 New Issues Poetry Prize

"A polyvocal, strident book of immense intelligence, Her, Infinite refuses the fatalistic disharmony between humans and nature. Against both psychic and industrial defilement of our mountains and rivers, lagoons and mesas, hearts and minds, these poems are sacramental such that language is alluvial and explosive, recovering us back to our spiritual significance." —Major Jackson

Little AriasLittle Arias
by Kristen Case
September 2015

“Book of thisness, book of withness, book of now:  Kristen Case’s Little Arias meticulously situates a woman’s consciousness in the immediacy of relation: with language, objects, other people, and the present tense. To read this intelligent, wise book is ‘to have swallowed an openness’ that starts at the heart."   —Brian Teare

The 26-Hour DayThe 26-Hour Day
by Olivia Clare
September 2015

“Our rituals are themselves created by the very objects they mimic to control. Thus, the rituals of poetry were rehearsed by language long before the poems began. Olivia Clare knows and celebrates this numinous reversion. In the midst of her vocables, she speaks for meaning where the meanings are. The 26-Hour Day is a compelling debut.”  —Donald Revell



New Poetry from the Green Rose Series

KingdomImminent Disappearances, Impossible Numbers
& Panoramic X-Rays

Bruce Cohen
March 2016
Winner, 2015 Green Rose Prize

"The incessantly multiplying, witty, flummoxed, frivolous, grave, inspired, desperate and serenely exploding chloroplasts of Bruce Cohen's imagination are driven by an awesome hunger for life all of life, every damn bit! So much of our day-to-day and our most intimate feelings and thoughts makes its way into these poems that you begin to feel that Cohen might be the keeper of some vast secret surveillance system. His mission is our mission (whether we know it or not) total acceptance and his wonderful poems come to show us how it might be done, how it might feel."
             —David Rivard

A Swindler's GraceA Swindler's Grace
by Adam LeFevre
January 2016

“You will not find this voice and vision anywhere but in the poetry of Adam LeFevre. A Swindler’s Grace carries the gravity of life on Earth in a voice by turns bodied and disembodied. It inhabits others with as clear eyes as it does the self. Don’t put this collection in the bookshelf. There are poems here you will want to keep in view. It’s brainwork and heartwork of a high order.”
             —Marvin Bell


Myronn Hardy
September 2015

“In Kingdom, Myronn Hardy continues and extends his distinctive voice in the imagination of the traveler, whether the new land is in the heart or in the world. His precise vision and cadence form an exquisite lyricism. This is elegance, a deft wisdom won from the shadows where joy lives alongside loneliness.”
            —Afaa Michael Weaver

Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry

Poetry in Michigan
Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry
edited by William Olsen and Jack Ridl

October 2013

A 2014 Michigan Notable Book

"I could celebrate every single poem in here—a rare statement to make about any anthology. Leave it to the poets to find the heart of a place. This book will make you fall in love with Michigan all over again, or for the first time." —Jim Daniels