Spring Conference Registration

Registration and nominations

Registration packets will be mailed to all high school band directors in Michigan around Feb. 16. Forms can be submitted online or mailed. Nomination and registration forms should not be submitted before each nominee's 2017 solo/ensemble festival rating is known. The deadline for submitting online nominations and registration is Friday, March 10.

Each high school band director in Michigan may nominate as many as four of his or her best players for participation in the 120-member Steven Bryant All-Star Band which will rehearse and perform in Miller Auditorium on Spring Conference day. Band directors must mail their all-star nomination form and registration form no later than Friday, March 10.



Each Michigan high school may nominate a maximum of four students for the Steven Bryant All-Star Band. Each nominated high school student must be able to be at Western Michigan University from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, 2017. Be sure to confirm each student’s availability before nominating him/her!

Recorded audition

We encourage you to submit a recorded audition for every nominee. First-chair aspirants must include a recorded audition. A recorded audition will be especially helpful to an outstanding student who has not participated regularly in S/E festivals. An individual recording for each candidate is required if a recorded audition is submitted.


Nomination Forms, Registration Forms, and Recorded Auditions must be submitted no later than Friday 10 March in order to guarantee your students the right to be considered for this all-star ensemble. Thank you!