Students who attend Western Michigan University's Seminar summer music camp will have a variety of instructional staff that enhances the experience. Listed below are the faculty and staff for Seminar 2017.

*    indicates WMU School of Music Faculty/Staff member or emeritus
+    indicates WMU School of Music Graduate Student or Alumnus
#    indicates WMU School of Music Undergraduate Student

Private Lessons

Georgiy Borisov, Clarinet *
Igor Fedotov, Viola *
Lin Foulk, Horn *
Magdalena Garbalinska, Violin +
Stephanie Hovnanian, Clarinet *
Tom Knific, Double Bass *
Gordon Lewis, Double Bass
Nora Lewis, Oboe *
Judy Moonert, Percussion *
Rhea Olivaccé, Voice *
Ken Prewitt, Voice *
Andrew Rathbun, Saxophone *
Helen Rathbun, Flute
Silvia Roederer, Piano *
Wendy Rose, Bassoon *
Dan Scott, Cello +
Lori Sims, Piano *
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Tuba/Euphonium +
Bruce Uchimura, Cello *
Robert White, Trumpet *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Trombone *
Mialtin Zhezha, Violin +

Large Ensembles

Kimberly Dunn Adams, Concert Choir *
Scott Boerma, Wind Ensemble *
John Leonard, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir +
Dan Scott, String Orchestra +
Laura Zilhaver, Woodwind Choir +


Will Alderman, Percussion and Steel Drum Ensembles +
Hana Beloglavec, Brass Quintet, Brass Quartet +
Igor Fedotov, String Quartet *
Magdalena Garbalinska, String Quartet +
Jason Kramer, Wind Quintet +
Nora Lewis, Wind Quintet *
Judy Moonert, Percussion Ensemble *
Andrew Rathbun, Saxophone Ensemble *
Helen Rathbun, Flute Quartet
Silvia Roederer, Piano Trio *
Dan Scott, String Quartet +
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Brass Quintet +
Robert White, Brass Quintet *
Mialtin Zhezha, String Quartet +
Laura Zilhaver, Clarinet Ensemble +


Ken Hunley, Musicianship I (aural assistant) #
Victoria Jackson, Musicianship II/III (aural) +
Dan Jacobson, Musicianship IV (forms) *
Richard Johnson, Musicianship II/III (written) *
Brian Massey, Musicianship II/III (aural) +
Shannon Scoles, Musicianship I +
Graeme Shields, Musicianship IV (creativity) +
Yakiv Tsvietinskyi, Musicianship IV (jazz composition/arranging) +


Kimberly Dunn Adams, Vocal Chamber Music *
Alfredo Balcacer, Beginning Guitar +
Scott Boerma, Chamber Winds, Conducting Techniques *
Carolyn Borcherding, Computers and Music +
Michael Duffy, What I’ve Always Wanted to Know About Music *
Meghan Feeman, Introduction to Music Therapy +
Dan Jacobson, The Beatles—Their Style and Impact *
Margaret Kieckhafer, Beginning Piano +
John Leonard, Chamber Winds, Conducting Techniques +
Rhea Olivaccé, Vocal Chamber Music *
Ken Prewitt, Vocal Chamber Music *
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Improvisation for Classical Musicians +
Yakiv Tsvietinskyi, Instrumental Jazz Techniques +


Gordon Lewis, Double Bass Class
Andrew Miller, Choir Tenor Sectional #
Clare Regan, Choir Soprano Sectional #
Silvia Roederer, Piano Class *
Lori Sims, Piano Class *
Holli Slamka, Choir Alto Sectional #
Jordan Thomas, Choir Bass Sectional #


Gunta Laukmane, Vocal/Choral, Voice Lessons
Helen Lukan, Performances +
James Schippers, Voice Lessons, Performances +


Kimberly Dunn Adams, Choral *
Igor Fedotov, String *
Nora Lewis, Woodwind *
Julie Evans Little, Musicianship *
Judy Moonert, Percussion *
Ken Prewitt, Vocal *
Lori Sims, Piano *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Brass *


Lori Sims, Performance Coordinator *
Dannielle Sturgeon, Registrar *
Kevin West, Director *


William Bailey, Headquarters Assistant #
Judy Belland, Library Coordinator *
Michael Duffy, Music Librarian *
Timothy Giessner, Headquarters Assistant #
Yat-Lam Hong, Piano Technician *
Katy Hosey, Instrument/Locker Inventory +
Jeff Mitchell, Photographer +
Deb O’Keefe, Budget Advisor *


Benjamin Arking, Counselor #
Caroline Binns, Counselor #
George Brown, Counselor #
Savannah Gonsoulin, Counselor #
Megan Grimm, Counseling Supervisor #
Maria McElroy, Counselor #
Dominic Reaume, Receptionist #
James Richardson, Counselor #
Brianna Rigozzi, Counselor #
Jeffrey Wetherford III, Counselor #