Groven Piano Project
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World Premiere
19 April 2001
- Oslo, Norway

Listen to excerpts: J.S. Bach - Pastorale in F (2nd mvt.)

The world premiere of the Groven Piano took place on 19.April.2001 at Norges Musikkhøgskole in Oslo, Norway.  Three Yamaha Disklavier Uprights--each customed-tuned to create a 36-tone scale based on acoustically pure intervals. The pianists performed on a silent Yamaha GranTouch which controlled the Disklaviers via a computer interface. The event started with a lecture and demonstration by the instrument's developer, David Løberg Code, a visiting Fulbright Scholar from Western Michigan University (USA). Below are excerpts of the same piece realized in three different tuning systems. Click here for additional tuning comparisons.

Compare in 3 tunings: Edvard Grieg - Gjendines Bånlåt:
Equal temperament - Folk music scale - Just intonation

1) Yamaha Disklaviers backstage; 2) Einar By, piano tuner; 3) David Løberg Code demonstrates Groven-piano

Listen: Eivind Groven - Liti Kjersti (folk song)

The Groven-piano is modeled after a 36-tone pipe organ built by Norwegian composer Eivind Groven in the 1930's. To commemorate Groven's 100th anniversary year, the concert began with several of his own compositions: Grisilla, Rullemann, Balladetone, Gamle Fjell and Kivlemøyane. Some of these are arrangements of traditional Norwegian melodies in specially tuned scales used in traditional Norwegian folk music.

Eivind Groven -Kivlemøyane (seljefløyte)

4) Kåre Nordstoga, Groven-piano; Øyonn Groven Myhren, vocal; 5) w/ Karin Løberg Code, hardingfele & viola;
6) Rune Tylden, Groven-piano; David Løberg Code, seljefløyte & fiddle

Alexander Glazunov -Elegie, Op.44 (viola)

The concert also included classical compositions by J.S. Bach, Alexander Glazunov, Edvard Grieg, Eivind Groven, and Geirr Tveitt, as well as more contemporary pieces by Sigmund Groven and George Gershwin. For these pieces the Groven-piano utilized a real-time tuning program which automatically regulated which pianos were in use during the performance to produce pure-tuned harmonies in every key.

George Gershwin - It Ain't Necessarily So (harmonica)

7)Andreas Skeie Ljones, fiddle; Ragnhild Fureboten, fiddle; Jorun Marie Rypdahl Kvernberg, fiddle;
Magnus Loddgard, Groven-piano; 9) Sigmund Groven, harmonica

Helene Høye -Bunadbrura (fiddles)

To demonstrate the viability of the Groven-piano as an ensemble instrument, the concert featured a variety of configurations together with piano: voice, violin ensemble, solo viola, classical flute, Norwegian willow flute and Harding fiddle, and even virtuoso harmonica.

Geirr Tveitt -Uppskoka

10) Per Øien, flute. 11) Curtain call. [Click on any photo to enlarge]

Eivind Groven -Solstemning (flute)

Newspaper articles about the concert:       Aftenposten (23.april.2001)        Ballade        Telemark Avisa        

Radio presentations:
Kulturbeietet, 18.april.2001, NRK-P2 (Norwegian national radio)
Østlendsendingen, 19.april.2001, NRK-P1 (East-Norway radio)
Midt i Musikken, 20.april.2001, NRK-P2 (live, Norwegian national radio)
Folkemusikktimen, 13.may.2001, NRK-P2 (Norwegian national radio)

Thanks to the following people and institutions for their support:
Erik Sæther,Yamaha Scandinavia AS; Einar By, Instrument Forum; Anne Jorunn Kydland Lysdahl, Nasjonalbiblioteket; Dagne Groven Myhren, Eivind Grovens Institutt for Renstemming; U.S.-Norway Fulbright Foundation; Norsk Kulturråd; Institutt for musikk og teater, Universitetet i Oslo; Norges musikkhøgskole; Western Michigan University and many others.

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