Universal Micro Tribometer (UMT)

Universal Micro Tribometer (UMT) by CETR

The fully computerized Universal Micro Tribometer (UMT) is a Combined Mechanical and Tribology Tester from the Center for Tribology Research Inc. (CETR) that performs almost ALL nano, micro and macro tribological and mechanical tests of various materials (ceramics, metals, and polymers). The UMT uses a combination of synchronized linear and rotary motions in different axes that can be configured to perform these tribological and mechanical tests, including tests for tension, compression, creep, torsion, fatigue, fracture, instrumented indentation, rotary and linear wear, scratch-adhesion, tape-peel adhesion, friction, stiction, etc. Many of these tests can be done in environmental control chambers: 40 to 1,200 C, 5 to 95% relative humidity, under vacuum to 10-7 torr, in liquids and gases1.

The nano and micro mechanical modules include conventional Nano Indenter, Micro Indenter, AFM and 3D profiler. These modules are capable of measuring nano-mechanical property of nano-composites, ultra thin films, thick coatings etc. All these nano, micro and macro tribology and mechanical test modules are interchangeable1.

1Courtesy of CETR Inc.



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