Micro Laser Assisted Machining (µ-LAM)

Micro Laser Assisted Machining (µ-LAM) set-up with IPG Laser System Coupled with Laser Beam Delivery Optics Unit

The Micro Laser Assisted Machining (µ-LAM) set-up, shown above, is commissioned within a Universal Micro-Tribometer (UMT) from the Center for Tribology Research Inc. (CETR). This equipment was developed to perform comprehensive micro-mechanical tests of coatings and materials at the micro scale. This system facilitates the cutting speeds as low as 1µm/sec at nanometric cutting depths. The tribometer is a load controlled device where the required thrust force (Fz) is applied by the user to obtain the desired depth of cut (based on the tool geometry and workpiece material properties). The equipment includes a dual-axis load cell that is capable of constantly monitoring the thrust and cutting forces, (Fx, obtained as an output parameter from the cutting experiment). The figure above also shows how the IPG laser system is coupled with a modular head component (beam delivery optics unit) which has beam delivery optics (from Laser Mechanisms, Inc.) that facilitates the diamond cutting tool1.

1The Effects of Laser Heating on the Material Removal Process in Si and SiC Nanomachining



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