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As shifts occur in the manufacturing world to create more and more products that are environmentally friendly, business professionals are pushed to make sure their products are as green as possible. As we work to minimize the impact our products have on the environment, we create "green" products. A green product can generally be defined as a product that, from raw material extraction and processing to use and end-of-life disposal, lessen its impact on the environment as thoroughly as possible.

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To help industry create green products, third party organizations have created what "green certifications." Green certifications are a collection of standards that, generally, place a strong emphasis on all, or some of the following areas:

  1. Products that use renewable or recycled materials in their production.
  2. Products that help conserve materials, conserve energy, or improve energy efficiency.
  3. Products that help reduce the use of toxic or otherwise hazardous materials.
  4. Products that improve the health of the working or natural environment.
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Green certifications can differ considerably, some designed for only a specific industry (i.e. furniture or industrial cleaners), others are meant to tackle many different types of products. In this section, we hope to provide you with useful information on several different green product certifications and companywide certifications that help promote environmental well-being.

For more information on green product certification and standards, please refer to the links below.



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