Green Scoreboard

Total Investments Total Annual Savings Total Project Simple Payback Temporary Jobs Created or Sustained1
$1,824,330 $1,736,186 12.6 months 52
Average Project Investment Average Annual Project Savings Average Project Simple Payback Permanent Jobs Created or Sustained2
$294,722 $217,023 16.3 months 50

The Manufacturing Research Center (MRC) at Western Michigan University recieved nearly $1 million in federal funds (Department of Energy) to establish and develop a Green Manufacturing Initiative. This initiative provides a conduit between the university and industry to facilitate cooperative research programs of mutual interest to support industry's green (sustainable) goals and efforts.

Faculty and students from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (all departments), the College of Arts and Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geology), the College of Business, and the Environmental Research Institute and Environmental Studies program participate in the Green Manufacturing Initiative activities.

In parallel with the federal funding, a Green Manufacturing Industrial Consortium has been established to integrate industries into this initiative program, providing a direct link between the university and industry.

1Information based on Total Project Investments and the 2000 Census for the State of Michigan. Median worker income of ~$35,000
2Information based on the Total Annual Project Savings and the 2000 Census for the State of Michigan. Median worker income of ~$35,000



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