Documents of Practice

Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University publishes the Documents of Practice series for the TEAMS Consortium for Teaching Medieval Studies.

Series introduction

The TEAMS Documents of Practice Series is designed for classroom use. Its goal is to make available to teachers and students volumes that contain translations of selected primary documents that illustrate various aspects of the life experience of medieval men and women. By making some of the matter of historical generalization available to students, the series enlivens efforts to understand what medieval people thought and felt as they moved through the major passages of their lives.

editorial board

Proposals or completed projects to be considered for publication by Medieval Institute Publications should be sent to Tyler Cloherty, acquisitions editor for the series, or the series editor, Joel T. Rosenthal, emeritus, State University of New York, Stony Brook.

The advisory board comprises:

  • William Chester Jordan, Princeton University
  • Sara Lipton, Stony Brook University
  • Jonathan Rotondo-McCord, Xavier University of Louisiana.


John Stone's Chronicle: Christ Church Priory, Canterbury, 1417–1472

Selected, translated and introduced by Meriel Connor

It is the purpose of this small book to offer to the reader selections from Stone's modest compilation of the internal life of his own monastic community—obituaries of monks, the celebration of the liturgy, even the weather—set against the wider events of the tumultuous fifteenth century in England.

ISBN 978-1-58044-107-0 (paperback) © 2010 Buy book from retailer

Medieval Notaries and Their Acts: The 1327–1328 Register of Jean Holanie

Introduced, edited and translated by Kathryn L. Reyerson and Debra A. Salata

The book explores the beginnings of the continental European notarial tradition, acquainting readers with the format of notarial documents, the books containing notarial acts, and with the variety of notarial acts.

ISBN 1-58044-081-9 (paperback) © 2004 Buy book from retailer

Regular Life: Monastic, Canonical, and Mendicant "Rules"

Selected and introduced by Daniel Marcel La Corte and Douglas J. McMillan

As the editors note in their introduction, "The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to the "Rules" of life of the major religious orders within the monastic, canonical and mendicant traditions."

Second Edition: ISBN 1-58044-079-7 (paperback) © 2004

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Women and Monasticism in Medieval Europe: Sisters and Patrons of the Cistercian Reform

Selected, translated and with an introduction by Constance H. Berman

A selection of documents, translated primarily from medieval Latin but occasionally from Old French, that show how religious women and their patrons managed resources to make monastic communities—particularly a variety of Cistercian communities—work.

ISBN 1-58044-036-3 (paperback) © 2002 Buy book from retailer

A Slice of Life: Selected Documents of Medieval English Peasant Experience

Edited, translated and with an introduction by Edwin Brezette DeWindt

These are the only written materials that permit some measure of personalized contact with specific men and women from the past, so this gives them a special importance.

ISBN 1-879288-73-7 (paperback) © 1996 Buy book from retailer

Sources for the History of Medicine in Late Medieval England

Selected, introduced and translated by Carole Rawcliffe

The material contained [here] derives from a wide variety of printed and manuscript sources, chosen to give some idea of the rich diversity of evidence available to the historian of English medicine and its place in society during the fourteenth, fifteenth, and early sixteenth centuries.

ISBN 1-879288-54-0 (paperback) © 1995 Buy book from retailer

Love and Marriage in Late Medieval London

Selected, translated and introduced by Shannon McSheffrey

Depositions (or testimony) in marriage cases brought before fifteenth-century English church courts reveal the attitudes and feelings of medieval people towards the marital bond.

ISBN 1-879288-53-2 (paperback) © 1995 Buy book from retailer