Students pursuing the Master of Arts in medieval studies at Western Michigan University come to the Medieval Institute from variety of educational backgrounds and from throughout the United States.

Currently enrolled students

Image of a Goliardic Society picnic.

A Goliardic Society picnic

Image of a graduate student studying in the Rawlinson Center.

A student studying in the Rawlinson Center

Image of Medieval Institute students and others gathered for a field trip.

Medieval Institute students and friends gathered for a field trip to the Newberry Library in Chicago

Madeline Barnes

B.A., English language and literature, Texas State University
Interests: medieval lapidaries, medicine and magic; Old and Middle English language and literature; Anglo-Saxon England

Guthrie Beyer

B.A., history, Indiana University
Interests: political history of Pre-Norman Ireland; Gregorian Reform in Ireland; military history of Gaelic Ireland

Rebecca F. Blok

B.A., history and English literature, Hope College
Interests: Welsh literature and history; comparative British literature; Christianized myth; the Inklings; mimetic theory

Traver S. Carlson

B.A., interdisciplinary studies, Wheaton College
Interests: English and Norse literature and culture (600 - 1100 C.E.); history of Christianity

Meghan Connolly

B.A., history, Portland State University
Interests: art history; manuscript studies; codicology; medieval apocalypse and eschatology

Robin J. Henley

B.S., visual communications and English literature, Western Washington University
Interests: early Anglo-Saxon literature; William Langland's "Piers Plowman"

Matthew Hilferding

B.A., history, York College of Pennsylvania
Interests: medieval Catholic Church; religious warfare; heresy; European conversion

Sarah Jaran

B.A., Comparative literature and French with minors in medieval studies and philosophy, Lycoming College
Interests: Comparative translation between Old French, Old English, and Latin; manuscript studies

Daniel Palthe

B.A., history, Michigan State University
Interests: Varangian and early Slavic history; development of medieval writing systems

Jillian Patch

B.A.,history, Florida Gulf Coast University; M.A.,history, Florida Gulf Coast University
Interests: women and gender studies; female piety; hagiography; court culture; manuscript studies

Stephen Price

B.A., history and classical studies, Centre College
Interests: Medieval Wales; regional cultures; development of political identities

Christine Pruden

B.A., English, George Washington University; Licence, Sciences du langage (Linguistics), Paris VII; M.A., Spanish, Western Michigan University
Interests: Medieval Spanish literature and history

Nate Valtierra

B.A., English with medieval literature focus, University of Iowa
Interests: Old English, Norse, and Irish literature; oral performance; manuscript studies; medieval pagan theology

Kennedy Wilson

B.A., history, Michigan State University
Interests: Medieval and modern languages; romances of chivalry

Goliardic Society

Image of the emblem of the Goliardic Society.The Goliardic Society is a social organization of the graduate students of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. The mission of the society is to facilitate camaraderie among students, faculty and friends while enhancing the academic environment and multiple opportunities of the Medieval Institute through various donations, volunteer work and scholarly activities.

If you are applying to the M.A. program and would like to be in touch with currently enrolled students, please contact us.