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Do You Know More?

Some information about previous semesters is not currently available. We ask anyone with photos, documents, or details about missing events to inform us using our Contact Information.

What is Math Club?

Math Club @ WMU is dedicated to promoting engagement in mathematics, by creating opportunities for learning and fun.

What is Pi Mu Epsilon?

Pi Mu Epsilon, Inc (PME), is the National Mathematics Honor Society.

Founded on May 25, 1914 at Syracuse University, PME currently has over 300 chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

The purpose of the Society is to promote scholarly activity in mathematics among the students in academic institutions.

Chapter History

Our chapter was established in 1988. Before a chapter can be established at an institution, the PME National Council requires clear evidence of an ongoing history of student mathematical activity outside the classroom, and adequate support for these activities.

We were the fifth chapter to be established in Michigan, and hence were assigned the fifth letter of Greek alphabet: epsilon. Thus, our official name is:

The Michigan Epsilon Chapter
of Pi Mu Epsilon