Winter 2002 Events

The activites below took place during the Winter 2002 semester as part of a joint program between the Math Club @ WMU and the mathematics honors society Pi Mu Epsilon. Unless otherwise stated, events were held in the Alavi Commons Room on the 6th floor of Everett Tower.

Friday, January 17, 4pm
Pi Mu Epsilon Pizza Party
With ScMaTA
Followed by bowling at the Bernhard Center.

Friday, February 15, 4pm
"Where Have You Gone, Carl Yastrzemski?"
John Daniels, Western Michigan University

Friday, February 22, 4pm
"Separability and Symmetry and Algebra, Oh My!"
Jonathan Hodge, Western Michigan University

Friday, March 15, 4pm
"Crashes, Glasses, and Classes: Using Networks to Resolve Conflicts"
Garry Johns, Saginaw Valley State University

Friday, March 21, 4:10pm
"The Euler Characteristic and the Descartes Deficiency"
A presentation by Peter Hilton
(Distinguished Professor Emeritus, SUNY Binghamton and
Distinguished Professor, University of Central Florida, Orlando)
Jean Pedersen (Santa Clara University)

Friday, March 22, 3:15pm
Pi Mu Epsilon Initiation Ceremony

Friday, March 22, 4pm
in 1104 Rood Hall
"Breaking High Grade German Ciphers in World War II"
A special presentation by Peter Hilton

Friday, March 29, 4pm
"The Anxious Gambler and Remarkable Strategy of Bold Play"
Dr. Allen Schwenk, Western Michigan University

Friday, April 5, 4pm
"Summing Digits"
Dr. Jay Wood, Western Michigan University

Friday, April 12, 4pm
"Green's Theorem on Wheels"
Dr. Steve Mackey, Western Michigan University

Friday, April 19, 4pm
Movie Night

Chapter History

Our chapter was established in 1988. Before a chapter can be established at an institution, the PME National Council requires clear evidence of an ongoing history of student mathematical activity outside the classroom, and adequate support for these activities.

We were the fifth chapter to be established in Michigan, and hence were assigned the fifth letter of Greek alphabet: epsilon. Thus, our official name is:

The Michigan Epsilon Chapter
of Pi Mu Epsilon

Do You Know More?

Some information about previous semesters is incomplete. We ask anyone with photos, documents, or details about missing events to inform us using our Contact Information.