Engine Setup



A 1.6L DaimlerChrysler S.I. engine has been set up to study the convective boiling heat transfer in the engine cooling system. Ten K-type thermocouples were installed in the metal between the gas chamber and the coolant channel at the exhaust-exhaust valve bridges (hot spots) in the cylinder head.  The experimental data have been taken along with variations of RPM, coolant temperatures and system pressures.
 A universal joint was used to connect the engine and the water brake dynamometer. A load cell is seen to measure torques of the engine. An engine coolant cooler (blue colored) with city water is seen on the right of the engine.
A student is preparing the engine tests. A box for the National Instrument data acquisition is seen standing on the right of the engine. 
A fuel pump in a fuel container attached with a level control float valve is seen to supply gasoline fuel to the engine. A fuel flow meter is also seen by the fuel container.

A remote control panel (red colored) was made in the next room for safety purpose so that no one has to stand by the running engine. The computer screen shows the virtual gauges that include RPM, coolant temperatures, throttle position, metal temperatures, etc.
The computer screen shows simultaneous data during tests. Click on experimental results.
A high speed video camera with a flexible borescope and an illuminator is deployed to observe the convective boiling in the cylinder head during test running.
This picture shows a hot spot in the coolant channel located at exhaust-exhaust valve bridge in the cylinder head. The upper column depicts spark plug while the lower two columns depict the exhaust valve exits.
This motion picture taken by the borescope during test running shows a preliminary result, which was not successful at this time to observe boiling at the hot spot due to the diffusive coolant (ethylene-glycol/water mixture) and lack of light intensity. View on the motion picture.
This shows the 16-valve cylinder head.

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