Scanning for blind and low-vision students

The Specialized Technology Lab offers scanning services for blind and low-vision students on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note that our services rely on optical character recognition (OCR) to convert print materials to a digital format. This technology is prone to error. For best results, purchase your textbooks in electronic format whenever available.


  • All requests for electronic copies of textbooks must be made via Disability Services for Students (DSS)
  • If a student needs access to the textbook before DSS can deliver, the Specialized Technology Lab will scan and OCR up to 50 pages or 20%, which ever is greater, of the textbook while DSS processes the request.
  • A request, including receipt of purchase, must be on file with DSS before the Specialized Technology Lab will scan the textbook.

Library materials

Materials on reserve

  • If the materials are on E-Reserve, they are already OCR'ed and accessible.
  • If the materials are on physical reserve, students may receive permission to remove materials from the Library to be scanned by the Specialized Technology Lab in the University Computing Center. You must present your Bronco Card when requesting permission to remove the material from the Library to be scanned. 

Other Library materials

  • Many of the materials in the Library catalog are available for purchase in electronic format. Please contact Michele Behr at (269) 387-5611 to investigate whether or not the Libraries can purchase an electronic version of any library materials. 
  • The Specialized technology lab will scan library materials not available in a digital format.