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WMU logo Western Michigan University - WMU's homepage

NAP logo WMU Natural Areas and Preserves- WMU's Natural Areas Program partners with students and faculty, local ecological organizations, area schools, and volunteer groups in order to promote environmental stewardship, provide research and education opportunities, and create healthier natural areas on WMU properties.

ALP logo WMU's Asylum Lake Preserve - A 274-acre preserve owned and managed by WMU.

SWMLC logo Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy - A non-profit organization dedicated to conserving natural landscapes in Southwest Michigan.

USDA Invasive Species Information Center - United States Department of Agriculture website that outlines various invasive species in the U.S.

Global Invasives Species Team logo TNC Global Invasive Species - The Nature Conservancy website that includes a list of invasives as well as planning, strategies, and control methods

Stewards of Kleinstuck Stewards of Kleinstuck - A group of community volunteers working with support from WMU to improve the ecological health of the property