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Research & Education

When Kleinstuck Preserve was deeded by Caroline Kleinstuck in 1922 she stipulated that the property be "used for education and research purposes". WMU has encouraged academic involvement throughout the history of the property.

If you would like to conduct research at Kleinstuck Preserve, please fill out the Research & Education Application.

Western Normal Students at Kleinstuck Western Normal Student next to identification sign Kazoo student planting a tree Earth Day 2008 Education
Western Normal Students studying botany at Kleinstuck
A Western Normal student project to identify plants
Kazoo School student planting a tree
Earth Day 2008 education


MSU Student Research Project 2010

Kaldis Grants

Monitoring of Purple Loosestrife at Kleinstuck Preserve




Kalamazoo College
Biology 312 Population & Community Ecology
2009 Project Papers:

Abundance of Tiger Salamanders in Kleinstuck Preserve

Benthic Macroinvertebrates Bioindicators at the Kleinstuck Preserve Wetlands

Biodiversity in Managed vs. Unmanaged Sites

Monitoring of Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) in Kleinstuck Preserve

Phenology of Plants at the Kleinstuck Preserve


MSU Grad Student Research Project

Elizabeth Schultheies

The Role of Plant-Soil Feedbacks in the Biological Invasion of Acer platanoides (Norway Maple) and Implications for Native Forests.


WMU Geoscience Department Research Project

Dr. Carla M. Koretsky, assistant professor of geosciences, was awarded $471,000 by the National Science Foundation to fund a five-year research project beginning in December of 2004. Koretsky's research focus is on the effects of invasive organisms (such as marsh grasses, shrimps, crabs, and worms) on metals like cadmium, lead or copper that are introduced into marsh habitats. Her work includes labratory analysis, as well as a comparison of real-world systems in a saltwater marsh in Sapelo Island along the Georgia coast as well as the freshwater marsh in Kleinstuck Preserve.

Dr. Koretsky recently received an extension of her grant from the NSF to research the soil chemistry surrounding the invasive wetland plant, purple loosestrife. Western Herald article.

Dr. Koretsky's research at Kleinstuck Preserve Dr. Koretsky's research at Kleinstuck Preserve

Article: Geoscientist's NSF grant funds research, student work

Dr. Koretsky has published the following journal articles on her work in Kleinstuck:

Koretsky C.M., Haas J.R., Ndenga N.T., and Miller D. 2006. Seasonal variations in vertical redox stratification and potential influence on trace metal speciation in minerotrophic peat sediments. Water, Air, and Soil Pollut.

Koretsky C.M, Haveman M., Beuving L., Cuellar A., Shattuck T., and Wagner M. 2007. Spatial variation of redox and trace metal geochemistry in a mineratrophic fen. Biogeochemistry.


Masters Theses

Buechler R.J. (1996)
The Effects of the Kalamazoo Station No. 4 on the Nearby Kleinstuck Nature Preserve. Department of Geology.
WMU. Located at Waldo Library, WMU Call Number: GB 9999 .B82x

Tumusiime N.N. (2005)
Seasonal variability in trace metal speciation and vertical redox stratification of freshwater lake and marsh sediments in the Kalamazoo River Watershed (MI, USA).
Located at Waldo Library, WMU Call Number TD 9999 .N346


Past Research Projects:

(Courtesy of WMU Library of Archives and Regional History)

Observations on the Flowering Plants Growing on the Kleinstuck Reserve by Clara Sterling. 1931

Kleinstuck Reserve: Its Use and Development by E.V. Jotter. University of Michigan. Feb 21, 1931.

Birds of the Kleinstuck Preserve by LaVerne Argabright. 1935

The Abundance of Different Species of Birds in the Kleinstuck Reserve During July, 1952. By Betty Olds and Alice Weschgel.

Soil and Water Conservation Plan by Ann Fuller. 1961

Propagation of True Solomon Seal by Eugene Demick. 1963

Kleinstuck State Gardens Project by Dr. Bartoo. 1965

Twenty Points of Interest and Proposed Plantings and Care Program for Kleinstuck Nature Preserve. 1964-1969

The History of Kleinstuck Preserve by Ray Deur. 1973

Aquatic Survey Report - Kleinstuck Preserve. E and J Aquatics. by Timothy Ervin. 1973 (unable to locate report at this time)

Portage-Arcadia Creek Watersheds by Kieser & Associates. 2006

Bird Observations at Kleinstuck Preserve 1973-2007. Kalamazoo Nature Center. Research Program.



Independent Film

Animals Among Us - Matt Clysdale produced and directed this documentary film shot primarily in Kleinstuck Preserve that showcases the variety of wildlife present in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Check out his website: Animals Among Us

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