WMU Guest Acceptable Use Policy


This policy sets forth the rules for using WMU Guest wireless network.


These rules apply to all users of the WMU Guest wireless network.

Policy statements

  • Your day by day access to the WMU Guest wireless network at Western Michigan University has been granted to you as a visitor of a WMU student, faculty or staff member. This access is for you and you alone. You may not share this access with others who are not visitors of a WMU student, faculty or staff member.
  • Commercial use of this resource is prohibited. 
  • Act responsibly and practice due diligence while you are connected to the Internet through the WMU Guest wireless network of Western Michigan University.
  • This network is a shared resource, thus network use or applications that inhibit or interfere with the use of this network by others, is not permitted.


The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to terminate any network connection without notice should it be determined that network traffic generated from said connection unfavorably inhibits or interferes with the use of the network by others. 


All users of network resources at Western Michigan University are responsible for adherence to any State or Federal regulations regarding computer use, including, but not limited to, the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Document action

Created: June 2015