CTO Updates October 2014


I am pleased to share with the WMU community the following technology related news and updates. If you have any questions, or comments, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at tom.wolf@wmich.edu or (269) 387-3838. Go WMU! Go Broncos!

Augmented reality: The August CTO Update mentioned the new teaching resources website, wmich.edu/teachingresources and the project team's innovative use of augmented reality to market this service. If you would like to receive a Layar postcard, or explore augmented reality further, please contact the Office of Information Technology's media services team at (269) 387-5020. You may also check out layar.com for more information.

IT collaboration videoCollaboration video: The Office of Information Technology has created a video focused on the value of technology collaboration.

Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR):
 Last year the Office of Information Technology purchased a campus subscription to ECAR. ECAR provides information technology focused research and analysis for the higher education sector. This is a subscriber-driven research organization dedicated to understanding how technology impacts colleges and universities. To gain access to this research, create an account on the Educause site and then the materials in the ECAR section will be accessible.

Elearning copyright materials: Extended University Programs and the Office of Information Technology are working together to modify WMU's current media conversion policy so that it reflects the increasingly common practice of importing instructional content into WMU's Elearning environment. It is extremely important that all materials loaded into Elearning adhere to both copyright law and the TEACH Act. Instructors are encouraged to contact media services, Extended University Programs, or the Faculty Technology Center for clarification.

End of life for iTunes U at WMU: WMU will end-of-life iTunes U at WMU service effective December 31. If you have content there, please make arrangements to download the content prior to that day. iTunes U at WMU has been replaced by a new service, Techsmith Relay (formerly Camtasia Relay). Techsmith Relay allows you to create videos and screen captures which are then uploaded to a streaming server. The streaming server is fully integrated with WMU's Elearning environment. Workshops and consultations are available to help simplify the transition. For further information, contact Media Services at (269) 387-5020 and ask for Brad or John.

Tuesdays with Trekkies?Tuesdays with Techies: Information technology hosted its first ever "Tuesday with Techies" donut social. Those in attendance enjoyed a wide variety of Sweetwater donuts and cider while engaging with their technology peers in a relaxed and at times, Star Trekish atmosphere. Plans are underway to expand this quarterly event to include as many campus technologists as possible.