CTO Updates May 2017

Ransomware: Did WannaCry make you want to cry? In May, the latest cyber crime ransomware attack, WannaCry, became the largest ransomware attack ever as it infected computers in over 150 countries. This self-replicating malware spreads virally from vulnerable machine to vulnerable machine without one having to open an email, click on a link or take any other sort of action. And while many U.S. companies felt the crippling effects of the WannaCry attack, no infections were reported to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk. My thanks go out to the army of IT professionals here who work diligently every day to keep campus software patched and secure. Please take time to thank the IT professionals in your department for all the behind the scenes work that they do so you don't have to worry about the safety and security of the technology that touches your everyday work life. Find out more about cyber-attacks like WannaCry.

Bronco Fixit: Hey students, have you ever had an issue with a service on campus and not known who to contact? Well the Office of Information Technology and Facilities have taken a step towards streamlining the student issue resolution process by working together to integrate our two work request systems. Bronco Fixit now has full integration with our Technology Help Desk trouble ticket system (ITDirect). If you have an issue with a service on campus you can now go to the Bronco Fixit system or contact the Technology Help Desk and you are on your way to a quick and painless resolution! Collaboration. Cooperation. Integration. Way to go Facilities and Technology Help Desk!

Bronco Fixit


FREE Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus: The Office of Information Technology has an arrangement with Microsoft that allows all currently enrolled students and all currently employed faculty and staff to receive up to five downloadable copies of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for FREE! All current students, faculty and staff can also download FREE versions of Microsoft Office for their smart phones and tablets. Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online are also available for FREE! In addition to these Microsoft Office solutions all current students, faculty and staff can receive 1 TB of free Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. See acceptable use policy, terms of service, help and support information. These Microsoft products are intended for personally owned devices. Microsoft products on University owned devices are still the responsibility of your respective network administrator or IT support person. If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1.

Windows 10: Two days after spring semester ended the Office of Information Technology computer labs support staff upgraded all the Windows computers in the University Computing Center lab and the Bernhard Center Computer lab to Windows 10. If you haven't used Windows 10 yet, please stop by one of these labs and give it a test drive!

Lynda.com: WMU recently negotiated a new contract with online self-training courses service provider Lynda.com. Lynda.com was acquited by Linkedin.com in 2015. Linkedin has since moved Lynda.com to a new product pricing model branded "value of pricing integrity". As per the new contract the number of people who can access Lynda.com has been reduced from 1,998 a year to 300 a year. If you are planning to leverage this tool this fall semester, please complete an online request as soon as possible to secure one of the 100 spots available per semester. Thanks!

InCommon Research and Scholarship: If you are part of WMU's research community, I would like to encourage you to check out this new IT service that allows you to take advantage of InCommon's federated identity services to more easily connect and share information with fellow researchers across the globe. If you would like to find out more, please contact Greg Lozeau or Leonard Peirce.

Retirements: The month of May brought some bittersweet news to the Office of Information Technology as four employees formally announced their plans to retire. Production Operations specialist Sharon Nicholson will be ending a career with WMU that began in 1979. Sharon has been a cornerstone of the Production Operations area for almost 40 years. Academic Enterprise Applications Team financial aid expert and Senior Applications Programmer/Analyste James Mayo will be retiring after 11 years of service with WMU and an IT career that spanned four decades. Senior Systems Programmer Analyst Dennis Boyle, Jr. plans to retire from WMU after nearly 38 years in the technology field, most of which were spent maintaining WMU's large enterprise resource planning systems as part of the OIT Administrative Systems Team. Ed Kluk who has served as Director of OIT's Project Management Office since 2012 also announced his intention to retire. Ed's career at WMU began in Facilities in 1986. A couple of years ago Lieutenant Colonel Ed Kluk also retired after a distinguished career in the military reserves.