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Doctoral Students

These are some of our current PhD students involved in various areas of teaching and research.

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Ilgin Poyraz Acar

Ilgin Poyraz Acar   Email Address:
Research Areas:

Operations Research, Modeling, Optimization, Scheduling, Staff Scheduling

Supreeta G. Amin

Supreeta G. Amin   Email Address:
Research Areas:

Ergonomic training development, biomechanical analysis, ergonomic evaluations, work measurement, and safety
Teaching Responsibilities:
IME 2050, IME 3050, IME 4420, IME 6420

Bryan W. Booker

Bryan W. Booker   Email Address:
Research Areas:

Engineering Management
Dissertation Title: Closing the Job Specification and Incumbent Person-Job Gapsby Customizing Job Descriptions

Raj Kamalapurkar

Raj Kamalapurkar   Email Address:
Research Areas:

Inventory Optimization in the Supply Chains,
Supply Chain Coordination, Simulation Modeling, Maintenance Management
Teaching Responsibilities:
IME 3260

Erik Kostandyan

Erik Kostandyan   Email Address:
Research Areas: Industrial Systems Simulation, Reliability Engineering, Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis

Ananda M Paudel

Ananda M Paudel   Email Address:
Research Areas:
Nano-Assembly, Computer Aided Design, Operations research, Supply chain Optimization

Jai Thomas

Jai Thomas   Email Address:
Research Areas:

Optimization, Simulation and Computer Aided Design
Teaching Responsibilities:
IME 1440, IME 2460, IME 3460, IME 3480,
IME 4460
Dissertation Title: Approximating a Torsional Stiffness Curve using a Feedforward Neural Network for Brake Hose Shape Prediction [Abstract]

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