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Master of Science in Engineering Management

The demand for leadership in modern manufacturing has dramatically increased the need for people with technical and managerial skills. Because they understand the materials and processes, men and women with strong technical backgrounds are looked upon as ideal candidates for leadership positions in industry.The variety of career opportunities open to those who have both technical competence and managerial skills is growing and will continue to grow. The Master of Science program in Engineering Management was developed to meet the need for professional leaders in manufacturing. Graduates of this program are qualified to work in areas of supervision and management in the manufacturing and service environment.

Graduate courses are offered each semester at the Grand Rapids-Beltline each semester. Check course listings or with your advisor for details.

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Admission Requirements

A candidate for admission to the Master of Science program in Engineering Management must:

  1. Possess a baccalaureate degree with a major in a technical field such as engineering, technology, mathematics, computer science, or the physical sciences.
  2. Have completed at least eight hours of mathematics through calculus, eight hours of physics and/or chemistry, a course in statistics, and a course in computer programming. Course work or adequate work experience is also required in the areas of work methods analysis, operations planning and control, and quality control.
  3. Possess a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the final two years of Undergraduate Study.
  4. Submit GRE scores for the General Test.

Applicants with a grade point average of at least 2.5 in the final two years of Undergraduate Study will be given probationary admission--non-degree status. They may be granted regular admission after completing nine hours of approved graduate courses toward a M.S. degree in Engineering Management with a grade of "B" or better in each course.

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Program Requirements

To earn a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management, the following requirements must be met.

  1. An approved, integrated program with a minimum of 30 semester credit hours and an overall grade of "B" or better, with no grade below "C."
  2. The 30 credit hours must be completed as follows:
    • 18 credits of core requirements
    • 3 credits of IME 6970, Problems in IME
    • 9 credits of electives.
  3. A written report and oral presentation for IME 6970 a project course which will be developed around a significant topic of graduate study interest (this may be substituted by an approved IME 6000 level course).

Core Requirements

The core consists of the following six courses, which have been selected to prepare students in advanced concepts in different areas of engineering management.

IME 5050 Continuous Improvement in Operations 3 credits
IME 5080 Advanced Quality Management 3 credits
IME 6000 Concepts and Principles of Engineering Management 3 credits
IME 6060 Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis 3 credits
IME 6120 Production/Operations Management 3 credits
IME 6140 Project Management 3 credits
  • The nine hours of elective courses may be taken at any level (5000 or 6000) from courses offered within the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department or elsewhere in the University.
  • The elected courses must be compatible with the overall program and the career objectives of the student.
  • These courses must be approved by the program advisor prior to registration.
  • Not all 5000/6000 level courses are approved.
  • See a list of approved electives

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