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IME 4460 - Computer Aided Design Applications

Catalog Description:

Parametric macro development and applications customization on selected commercial CAD systems. Investigation of existing graphics packages and advanced software design with special emphasis on surface and solids modeling for design creation, display, and analysis.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisites: IME 2460 and Senior status.

Credits: 3 hours

Lecture Hours - Laboratory Hours: (2 - 3)

Prerequisites by Topic:

  1. Understanding of Solid Modeling Techniques (IME 2460)
  2. Ability to utilize feature-based CAD softwares (IME 2460)
  3. Capability to apply parametric solid modeling with CAD softwares (IME 2460)
  4. Knowledge of standard specifications and components for CAD systems (IME 2460)
  5. Awareness of trends and developments in the CAD/CAE field (IME 2460)

Course Objectives, Performance Criteria, and Outcomes:

Course Objectives

ABET-TAC Outcomes2


Performance Criteria Measured1

Perform basic and advanced solid modeling with feature-based CAD software packages


A1: Efficiently model a variety of components/systems utilizing advanced options in CAD software used in classroom

Utilize principles behind constraint-based CAD software packages


D2: Properly specify constraints that reflect functionality of modeled components/systems in CAD

Apply concepts underlining parametric solid modeling for proper capture of Design Intent


Perform design changes to parametric CAD models, conserving their functionality

Understand basic customization options


Perform standard customization of Cad package depending of its application

Recognize and use important sources of information for trends, evaluations and opinions of CAD hardwares and softwares


Research and report on latest developments and their impact on CAD usage

Performance Criteria1: IME performance criteria may be found at

ABET-TAC Outcomes2: Outcomes may be found at

*results tracked in ABET course notebooks


Pro/ENGINEER Tutorial and Multimedia CD – Wildfire 5.0, by R. Toogood and J. Zecher, Schroff Development Corporation, Mission, KS, 2010.

Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Tutorial – Wildfire 5.0, by R. Toogood, Schroff Development Corporation, Mission, KS, 2010.


On-line Help for Pro/E (and other softwares).

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, by L. G. Lamit, Cengage Learning, Stamford, CT, 2010.

Course Coordinator:

Jorge Rodriguez
Western Michigan University
E-224 Parkview Campus
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008-5336
Phone: 276-3374

Revision Date: Summer 2011


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