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Automotive Systems Minor

The automotive systems minor would be most suitable for engineering, engineering technology and applied sciences graduates as they will have most of the prerequisites for the minor. It is recommended that students fulfill their General Education Area VI requirements by taking CHEM 1100 and CHEM 1110 and Proficiency 4b by taking MATH 1220 or MATH 2000 or MATH 1700. The automotive systems minor totals 15 hours.

Students must take 15 credit hours not in the major to satisfy the automotive systems minor requirements.

Required Courses

Course No. Course Title Credits
ECE 1010 Fundamentals of Electronics and Machines 3
IME 1220 Automobile in Society 3
IME 2220 Mobile Energy Sources and Lubricants 3
IME 3240 Automotive Power Systems 3
IME 3250 Automotive Electrical Systems 3


Select courses to achieve a total of 15 hours:

Course No. Course Title Credits
IME 4250 Automatic and Automated Drive Line Control Systems 3
IME 4260 Automotive Structure, Ride, and Safety 3

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