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Recreation Internship Procedures

The following chart supplies a step by step outline of the procedures for a recreation internship. The forms that are needed are available at every step (downloads as word or pdf documents). email contacts are available at the end of the outline for questions:

(*You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word to download the forms.)

  1. You must be enrolled in, or have completed HPER 4970 to move beyond this step!!
  2. Once an internship site has been selected, complete the Application pdf word
  3. Complete the application, sign it. Your site supervisor must also sign the application. Return the application to Dr. Jim Lewis. Upon receiving the application, he will contact your site supervisor.
  4. Print out the Requirements and the Forms pdf word Please read and review all the forms. It is your responsibility to review the procedures and guidelines. If you have a question, ask!!!
  5. Make an appointment with Dr. Jim Lewis to review all the procedures, guidelines and your internship. Please come prepared. Bring all documentation. (If you fail to bring documentation, your registration and internship might by delayed!!)
  6. As you begin your internship, the following documentation must be provided (via fax, email (HPER Fax: 387-2704), etc., to Dr. Jim Lewis according to the schedule he will set with you in Step 6:
    Weekly Logs pdf | Bi-Monthly pdf
    Weekly Logs word | Bi-Monthly word
  7. Upon completion of 300 hours (half of the internship), complete and mail the Mid-Term Evaluation pdf wordto Dr. Jim Lewis.
  8. Upon completion of your internship (600 hours), the final documentation must be completed and sent to Dr. Lewis:
    Final Self Evaluation pdf | Management Questions pdf | Letter of Recommendation Final Self Evaluation word | Management Questions word
  9. Upon completion of all materials, you will receive a grade for HPER 4990

Questions? email as soon as possible.