Probation and Your New Employee

Congratulations on hiring your new Western Michigan University staff member! As with all new and transferring employees, your employee is being placed on a six-month probation period. Probation is a “working test period" that gives your employee the opportunity to learn the job and related responsibilities. It also gives you the opportunity to determine if your new employee will be a beneficial addition to your staff.

Probationary reports are an essential component of the new employee’s probationary period. Approximately ten days prior to the report due date, Human Resources will send you an e-mail reminder to complete the two-month probationary report. The probation report is located at Forms: Probation. Please follow the directions provided and forward the completed reports to Human Resources by the due date.

During probation, it is important that you provide your new employee with effective training, opportunities for skill development, as well as regular, accurate feedback regarding work performance. Probationary reports provide the foundation for these discussions and serve to document performance. Complete and frank evaluations are essential so employees can understand expectations and learn the skills necessary to be successful. These are all critical steps in helping your employee succeed.

However, there are occasions when unsatisfactory probationary evaluations are necessary. Identifying and communicating employee shortcomings can sometimes be uncomfortable and difficult. Your HR representative is available to assist you.

If you are considering releasing your probationary employee, please contact your Human Resources representative immediately. Although release from employment during probation may be made with or without cause, it is important that the responsibilities and obligations of the University are properly carried out.

If you have any questions or concerns about your employee’s probationary period or the evaluation process, please contact your Human Resources representative.

Thank you for your help in this important process.