John Wickstrom

John Wickstrom

NorrisJohn B. Wickstrom

Dr. John Wickstrom

Adjunct Professor
Ph.D., Yale University, 1968.
M.A., Yale University, 1963.
Medieval Monasticism, Classical Antiquity , and Early Modern history

Office: (269) 345-5295

Mailing Address
Department of History
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5334

Professional Experience

I served on the faculty of the Department of History at Kalamazoo College for 44 years. There I taught courses in the Western Middle Ages, Classical Antiquity , and Early Modern history. After retiring from full-time teaching at Kalamazoo College in 2010, I received an appointment as Adjunct Professor of History at Western to teach in the new Monastic Studies Graduate Certificate Program, specializing in early medieval monasticism. (I am also a member of the faculty of The Medieval Institute at Western.)


My research for several decades has focused on monastic life and institutions, including the Humiliati, the Carthusians and Cistercians. However, for several years, my main projects have involved early medieval Benedictine life. Much of my research in that area has focused on the late Carolingian cult of St. Maurus of Glanfeuil, the first known disciple of St. Benedict both in its Carolingian origins and its evolution during the 11th and 12th century into a Europe-wide cult.

Select Publications

  • The Life of Blessed Maurus, first disciple of St. Benedict: translation and historical commentary. Cistercian Publications/The Liturgical Press, Dec 2008.
  • "Late Carolingian Monastic Reform and the Lay Nobility: the case of Glanfeuil Abbey," Cistercian Studies Quarterly 46.1 (2011), 3-12.
  • "Cluny, Cîteaux and Blessed Maurus of Glanfeuil," Revue Bénédictine, Tome 113, juin 2003, 124-34.
  • "Carthusians" and "Divine Office" in The Encyclopedia of Monasticism (Fitzroy, Dearborn: London, 2000).
  • "Pope Gregory's Life of Benedict and the Illustrations of Abbot Desiderius of Monte Cassino," Studies in Iconography 18 (1998), pp. 34-78.
  • "St. Maurus of Glanfeuil: Text and Image in the Making of a Holy Man," Studies in Iconography 14 (1994). pp. 53-85.
  • "The Humiliati: liturgy and identity," Archivum Fratres Praedicatorum, 1992:4. pp. 1-32.
  • "The Antiphons ad psalmos of Carthusian Lauds," Analecta Cartusiana 116:1. (1988), 7-33.


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